Being Alive

Fay Slimm.



Being Alive.


In this mechanized  age
the nearer I come
to my final breath
the brighter the sun
when it rises each day
and  fiercer the tumble
of waves breaking
on sand, tide-cleansed
with more vigour than
I can remember.

Sweeter each avian song,
extra the brightness 
of striations on butterflies,
greener the meadows
under a bluer sky,
extra intense the sunset 
as awe from stars
shimmers much whiter
             from dimensions afar.                   

Just being alive is enough 
if love lights every day,
for when closer draw ends 
greater the thrill  
as  earth's music vibrates 
with vivid wonders             
if tuning into hid treasures 
before it's  too late.



  • Bella Shepard

    So beautifully said. You've captured that rush of life that comes to those of us who perhaps find our years dwindling. I loved this poem!

  • Rozina

    Very true. As I age I appreciate more and more my surroundings, what I took for granted before. You’ve hit the nail on the head, so poetically.

  • Laura🌻

    My Dear Fay,

    My first read of the day. The title of your poem invited me to read your beautifully scripted words. ‘Being Alive’ is a gift…a gift not to be taken for granted because we don’t know what’s in store for us even within the next minute. So let’s appreciate and enjoy every breath we take…and right now I’m enjoying perusing through today’s postings.
    Thank you for sharing your pen. Your poems are always a delight to read.🤗


  • Dove

    Beautiful, I’m a nature lover too Opacarophile & Selenophile

  • dusk arising

    Oh Fay yes yes yes..... So very true in my life. I feel every word of your poem in my heart and bones. And now i want to go outdoors and soak it all up after two years of hiding away in fear of this pandemic. (I shall of course be taking precautions not to become a victim of it)

    A must for my favourites.

  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

  • Rocky Lagou

    Yes Fay! I love this message! Take in all that life can provide and live it to the fullest! 💖💖

  • spilleronsheet

    You captured the essence so well dear Fay
    So thankful for these lines of gratitude
    And reading it makes me feel lucky
    The thought I had been missing
    It tells me, spring back and attack on your work
    “You can do”
    Since your alive
    Thanks a lot dear Fay

  • Goldfinch60

    So very true Fay, this is me all over.


  • Neville

    Grab every moment with both hands & hold on tightly ............................ outstanding in dear friend ........Neville x

  • Jane Clemons

    This is lovely. The nearer we come to the end of our lives....the greater the appreciation of it ! You said it so well. I am just becoming familiar with your
    writing and admire you so much !

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