Michael Edwards


A worker in his factory in Ealing
peed on the floor whilst kneeling
his boss quite austere
said ‘you can’t do that here’
so he promptly pee’d on the ceiling.


  • Author: Michael Edwards (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 26th, 2022 02:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is the first of several inspired by Teddy.15 - thanks Teddy. Plus another cartoon drawn at a moments notice to accompany an article about a pothole which is on the boundary between two counties and which neither accept responsibility for. The article is about to appear in a local paper.
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  • orchidee

    Oh lol, good write and pic M.
    Who's that character, a bit like your in the pic, who peers over walls, I think?

    • Michael Edwards

      That's Chad I believe - a credible character - or should I say Chada Berble?

      • orchidee

        Yes, probably related to the Berles - there's millions of 'em!

      • Rozina

        Quite a feat! Trying to escape the peedrops.

        • Michael Edwards

          Love that word: 'Peedrops'. Is it patented? Can I use it? 😁😁

          • Michael Edwards

            And so it came to me:

            And into the loo went Cyclops
            And out came the dettol and mops
            For such was his fate
            He couldn’t see straight
            And he covered the floor with his peedrops

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          • Dove

            Too funny.. Thanks for the P joke!

            • Michael Edwards

              Just taking the - er whatever. 😕😕🙃😊

            • Doggerel Dave

              Like yer little 'Wot no...' man (presumably 'man') in car, Michael...

              • Michael Edwards

                When I was about 15 on a school trip we were actually caught in no mans land between two sets of customs control between France and Germany when our coach broke down. We couldn't get help fom either side. Eventially everyone had to get out and we literally pushed the coach across into France before anyone would attend.

                • Doggerel Dave

                  (lol) "It's the same the whole world over..." (slightly different context but still relevant).
                  With respect to your current pothole situation - I'd suggest patience is in this case the key: Come June, as the end of the financial year looms and councils hunt for work, then likely your pothole will be filled twice.

                • dusk arising

                  In the flat up above dont you know
                  Theyre aware of the peeing below
                  to show their bad feeling
                  punched a hole in that ceiling
                  stuck their bum through and let one go!

                  as fast as you like - in a wink
                  Ealing was full of the stink
                  the air had turned foul
                  dogs started to howl
                  and the tellies all went on the blink

                  the worker was hauled up in court
                  for the occasion when he was caught short
                  to pee on the ceiling
                  was the wrong place i'm feeling
                  for a bladder containing one quart

                  he didnt half feel unwell
                  when they hauled him off to a cell
                  like little jack horner
                  he peed in the corner
                  and emptied his bowels as well

                  the gov'ner would have none of this
                  the worker was takin the piss
                  whilst you're in prison care
                  we'll have none of that here
                  but from his trousers there came a loud hiss

                  don't get me started....

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Brilliant - do post them - we all need a laugh.

                    • dusk arising

                      Done! - with an instruction to read your post included.

                    • Neville

                      Okay, get this folks .. Having been born in Northants, which is just about as far from the sea as ya can get on this here Island of ours (sorry for those who live outside, you will just have to imagine it) .. and my only son being born in Leicestershire ......... (same thing in brackets really) .. I was first compelled to savour Mr. M. Edwards cartoon sketch before moving on to the limerick he pinned up there ............. Now given the info I have shared with you guys & galls ... & for no end of obvious and less obvious reasons, that most definitely aint a scribbled J.S pun .. I have to tell you all Limerick # 90 is absolutely spot on ................ Bloomin well limmed MIchael ................ N 🙂

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Actually the pot holes fall beneath a bridge which used to accomodate a rail line but is now a footpath - it's a single track road out of our village which is much used by the locals. Cheers N .....

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Very good limerick Michael.


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