я з тобою україно 

dusk arising

I don't remember ever shedding tears over a war before
today i cry over the terrible pictures coming into my life online from Ukraine
so many bloodied people mercilessly maimed and killed
people who look like people in my street and around my town
good ordinary people, peaceful people who just want to get on with their lives
mothers and fathers devastated crying over mutilated bodies of their dead children
bodies burned black laying where they fell caught in the shelling and bombing
injured old people lying in pools of blood in bombed-out apartments unable to get up
these are flesh and blood people like you and me - good people
all ages living in fear of the indiscriminate death machine raining destruction down upon them 
yes i feel their anger and rage - today it is as if i am Ukranian - we are all as one
today humanity weeps

я з тобою україно 


  • Rocky Lagou

    Great poem and the war is a universal feeling. We're all weeping with the sufferers and I hope that change will commence! This is unfair and cruel. 💖

  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    One of the reasons I avoid the news .. most of the time .. it’s too upsetting . Why such cruelty .. in this world .. il never understand 😞😞

    • dusk arising

      That's a good idea Rose. I'm hoping for one piece of good news.

    • spilleronsheet

      A tragic tale
      I hope it could only be a tale
      Often imaginative poetry may move the mind
      But a recount is heavy
      Too heavy where tears won’t dry
      A very emotional read dear dusk
      I wish it could stop
      Can nature not control it

      • dusk arising

        One bullet could stop it, in the right skull.

      • Dove

        Heartfelt sad write. God bless the people of Ukraine.

      • Laura🌻


        так ми з тобою Україно…
        і я там, духовно, зі своїм дорогим другом, який так близько до небезпеки.

        A touching and heartbreaking poem, dear Dusk. I hear my father’s voice speaking through your poem voicing his father’s experiences in WWII and his grandfather’s about WWI…where many of our relatives as others did not survive the bloodshed.

        Thank you for sharing your pen.


        • dusk arising

          Бажаю вашому другу і всім народам України миру і безпеки, де б вони не знайшли, і сили, щоб це довести до кінця.

          I read your english words with sadness here. History has taught us little.

          Thank you Laura

          • Laura🌻

            You’re most welcome.

          • sorenbarrett

            Dusk a wonderful title that I don't understand about a war that I don't understand. On the surface, yes, economics, past history, geographic location etc. But I really don't understand. Great write.

            • dusk arising

              There is no understanding the actions of a madman.

              Thank you sorenbarrett.

            • Doggerel Dave

              Echoes of WW2. Avoidable until it is too late.

              Thanks dusk.

            • Rozina

              We are all as one with you and others from all around the world. A great write.

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