When You Were Mine: Villanelle

Do you remember our kisses so sweet?
Like delicious honey-nectar so fine 
When you were mine, I felt so complete


My soul did spins, I was dizzy on my feet
Oh baby, I would get chills down my spine
Do you remember our kisses so sweet?


With every pucker, I could feel your heat
The warmth of your lips , oh so sublime 
When you were mine, I felt so complete


My heart danced  a sweet loving  beat 
Oh yes, I was glad you were mine !
Do you remember our kisses so sweet?


Honey glazed lips such a joyous treat 
Warm embraces , oh they felt divine
When you were mine, I felt so complete


I shall always love you my sweet
Your kisses forever engraved in my mind
Do you remember our kisses so sweet?
When you were mine, I felt so complete


  • dusk arising

    Aha another villanelle... i'm thinking you're enjoying composing these - it shows in the end result here which is joyous and bounces along.

    A delight to read, thank you.

    • Dove

      Yes, I love the format.. Thanks for stopping by... Smiles

    • Rocky Lagou

      Ooof! The refrain "When you were mine, I felt so complete" really hits. I can almost sense that hole that must be lingering in the heart from the absence of the lover. But either way, a gracious villanelle and you once again executed it with finesse. 💖✨

      • Dove

        Thanks Rocky, I think we alk have been blasted by love.. Thanks for the compliment

      • Christina8

        oh I love this style of poetry and you did it so well! I can sense that deep sense of loss you must be feeling where your lover used to be. Great poem!

      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        Lovely words , dove )) sounds like a soulmate or a twin flame

        I like your poem

        • Dove

          Thanks Yellow Rose.. " Twin Flame"
          nice words.. Perhaps an inspiration
          for a poem.. Thanks for stopping by

        • Neville

          I see what you mean Dove me luv .. but I must insist that yours are not only sweeter but bloomin neater and more completer ... too .......... 🙂 x

          • Dove

            Thanks for the jingle... Made me smile
            Ever so sweeter

          • Doggerel Dave

            Dove, you really are a master of the Villanelle, so very well formed.
            And despite my misgivings re love poetry, these are on a totally different level. So smooth without an engineered adjustment in sight.

            I tried one very early on. Found it extremely difficult.

            Seems Villanelle was just waiting for you to come along.
            Multi thanks.

            • Dove

              Thanks Dave, it's good to get a love poem out once in awhile... Thanks for stopping by and giving my poem a try...


            • Rozina

              Very good poem. Another type to learn about, this Villanelle. Thank you.

              • Dove

                Rozina, thanks so much.. Yes , there's so many poetic forms out there... Glad you enjoyed the villanelle

              • Goldfinch60

                Beautiful loving words Dove.


                • Dove

                  Thank you kindly as always Andy,
                  Very much appreciated

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