POETS ON POETS (Ode to the MPS Family)

Rocky Lagou

So after being on this site for a little more than

just a month now I feel a drive within me

to express my gratitude to all the ones who have inspired me

on the way.


The following is a list of some of the quotes from fellow MPS poets

Which have left an impact on me, and I hope that everyone reading will

Leave feeling inspired:


“But the past

Like a chapter of history

Has its own mystery

Finding the real you

You, who played with fire

Bloomed in a furnace

In wrath of flames

Not to brittle

But ever last with fame”

  • Spilleronsheet (Past, a moment to look upon)


“If I keep hope fresh

Deep within my mind

Oiled well,

I can achieve the unachievable.”

  • Teddy.15 (Window of my Mind)


“Love and hate are only an illusion

Better and worse a delusion

Matter does not exist

It is only energy with a twist”

  • Sorenbarrett (Another point of view)


“She [the moon] and the Universe intertwined fingers

And calmly smiled at me.

“Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby”

And that moment- I believed them

And transcended into

Their infinite beauty.”

  • Palebluecardigan (Moonchild)


“Sometimes memories whisper

that you´re gone

and I keep myself from playing them

I´m scared they´ll fade

that every time I see them

I’ll step a step away”

  • Junia (not real)


“She can walk along the sea of bluebells 

when she feels brave to walk away 

from the only helping hand she knows 

from the only helping hand 

that actually cares”

  • Yellowrose (A girl stands in a place of caring comfortable light)


“If you need blood,

do you ask what race or religion

the donor belongs to?”

  • Rozina (BLOOD)


“Life is a song 

if you know 


to arrange it”

  • Desertwind (Life)


“So much music followed

Each precious life event

That made me truly grateful

For a life that seemed well spent”

  • Bella Shepard (The Music Wraps Around Me)


“When my feet are grounded

I feel connected to all,

like a giant among many unable to fall.”

Poetic Dan (Wave to the mystic from shores of unknown)


“There will always be that one love

the love beyond compare

because it became

enduring love

the love which changed us

the love which contained us

the love which made us”

  • dusk arising (the love which made us who we are)


“She was wholesome, yet broken, a cool mist

and a promise

at the end of a very long day ..

Yes, my love was more than a scatter of moments by far ..”

  • Neville (A Scatter of Moments)


“The simple things can be the greatest things.

Open your door to whatever life brings.”

  • Robert Haigh (Life’s Simple Things)


“All, acknowledge 

having witnessed 

that cognitive: magnifying

magnificence of mysticism

majestic, waterfall of poesy.”

  • L. B. Mek (I fell upon, a field of syllables and behold)


“Bless them that do curse you

Do good unto them too

Which hate you, and pray for

Them that mistreat you”

  • orchidee (Living Out Love)


“A man stands upon a puddle

Deep as glass

Yet he believes it beyond humble

Density and mass”

  • ProfessionalPaperDigester (Puddle)


“Aren't all lives created equal and free

Oughtn't we all feed on the life tree

God's children, and children of light

Shouldn't we share the same right”

  • arobot (WAR & PEACE)


“But always remember

No matter what happens to your cards

You are always in the game.”

  • Goldfinch60 (In The Game.)


“Love is everyone's basic unit of life”

  • _m_ostwanted (Love should go round)


“Boys walk by

Ill intent in their minds

Grabbing, touching 

Crying, makeup smudging

It’s just because he likes you, they say

Why does that make it ok?”

  • DepressedMess24 (Women’s Struggles)


“I can see through my cage”    

  • Ok Waleed (The G Spot of Happiness)


“Midnight thoughts twirl

and dance like nobody's watching

as my mind's eye dreams

of the sleep that evades me

conjuring scenes of old hurts made new”

  • Katie the naughty poet (Midnight thoughts)







  • Jerry Wayne Lawrence (B.L.O.O.D)






  • Kurt Philip Behm (Vinculum)


“I bathe in a sea of music

immersed in lapping waves

floating in vibrating waters

purified by ancient notes”

  • William Marshal (if you don’t have love, love music)


“In the country is where to go to find peace,

You can let go of your troubles and find release,

Free from the troubles that invade your heart,

Giving yourself a fresh start”

  • blue orchid (In the country)


“She can't help but to give in

To just let herself go

To completely loose herself in the light of the darkness

It touches her very soul

And she delightfully dines.”

  • FallenAngel1 (Inside the mind of Josie)


“He drives a hearse

Says it keeps him off the streets

Plus, he has an empathy with death

His dog died”

  • Paul Bell (The Plan)


“Your love convinces me that there is good in the world

All the ugly, painful stuff fade away”

  • Christina8 (True Love)


“In this mechanized age

the nearer I come

to my final breath

the brighter the sun

when it rises each day”

  • Fay Slimm. (Being Alive)


“My city is full of hopes and dreams...

Rise of underdogs and fall of stars.

Racing through the grandness of possibility...

With the struggles and narrowness of humanity.”

  • Simplyalice (My City)


“You want to know who am I?

I ask, you need to know this why?

It's really simple as can be,

I'm everything you can and cannot see.”

  • AngelicBaybee (Who am I)


“Reality’s worthless unless your uneven

spending’ benders in bonita springs,

in a once in a generation tsunami season

full send f%@#ing everything

and get eaten up by the ocean, for no reason.”

  • Jacob pluckebaum (summer in February)


Need I remind you, just how much

you’re not in control?

Need I?”

  • Garth Rakumakoe (Need I?)


The biggest weapon, is not nuclear

It is the idea of hatred and greed, that brings fear

Love and respect for all, is all that we need”

  • Kivous (The Idea)


Sometimes, just sometimes,

An anonymous; teaches you a life lesson.

single hope; makes you survive the night.”



“You still don’t know what love means

to those who have to push it down,

hoping the light from the surface

won’t break over them”

  • Michael Anthony (The Wanderer)


“With stoics cloak drawn ever close

its threads of faction still uncut

whilst hope preserved in saline spray

will surely sever bigotry

let not our skin divide.”

  • Michael Edwards (LET NOT OUR SKIN DIVIDE)


“To die is gain, not loss”

  • Amon (FREED)

“Singing quietly like a shy quiet child          

Who is happy to be quiet in a world full of pink,

yellow and peach energies.              

In a world of darkness and confusion        

Singing regardless of the colours surrounding there wings”

  • Little dove (Flowers and birds)


“Dream Till The End, As I always said,

A dream sets the path, I said,

The path you set for yourself, With that dream of yours.”

  • Theo8176 (Dream Till The End)


“But compassion…

Compassion is the red remains of the sunset

Is a phial of light

Is rare sweet water in a barren land”

  • Mish kanafani (RARE SWEET WATER)


“I am slowly looking to the window

Trying to figure out something

Trying to prepare everything

Diving into the concept of tomorrow”

  • Travis Kasparov (The Ride)


“My worries slumber as

yellow-on-yellow, yellow-on-white

and more yellows surround my senses

Never enough yellow to fit the bill

my body relaxes, my mind is still”

  • Jane Clemons (Yellow)


“That shooting star I saw yesterday

Oh how I'm yearning for seeing it again

I'd wish for all this to be over

If only I'd see that star”

  • Littlegreenbag (Bring them hope)


“My time at the sink is over now, things do look a lot tidier,

but, I feel some sorrow,

the monsters mentioned, still exist, thus I recall my idea:

if only the world, was like a wash bowl!”

  • AuburnScribbler (A God at the Wash Bowl)


How far can poetry take you?

Places never imagined”

  • Bright Angel (The ways of Poetry)


"Let the inner power of Solitude be Unearthed

And a feeling of completeness be Transcended!!"

Vamsi Sudha (Solitude or Loneliness !!)


"Do you ever want to scream

at the unfairness of the world?"

RainningHearts (Why?)


"I try to outrun my thoughts
But my thoughts always find me"

Rachel Laurene (The Overthinker)

  • Author: Rocky Lagou (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 8th, 2022 12:00
  • Comment from author about the poem: HELLO EVERYONE! I worked arduously to gather as many quotes as I could from beloved poets on MPS and I wanted to pay back all the love and support that's been given to me. I sincerely apologize if I missed anyone but WOW I didn't realize just how many poets there are on this website, I did the best I could. HOPE YOU ENJOY THE TRIBUTE! 💖💖💖(This is in no particular order)
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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Really nice of you ! And Thankyou for mentioning one of my poems and my sisters too . This is a nice site

    • Rocky Lagou

      Hello! It was my pleasure to be able to bring to light some of the poets that are worthy of commemoration, and of course, I couldn't forget about you! Thanks so much for appreciating the little ode and I hope you have a lovely day! ✨

    • Vamsi Sudha

      That's a great Ode to the all wonderful poets at MPS !! Nice thought !!

      • Rocky Lagou

        Hey Vamsi! I literally can't believe that I didn't add you in the list! I felt like I was missing someone but I wasn't too sure. My sincere apology! If you check back in a few minutes, you'll see your name among the rest! Either way, thanks so much for appreciating the idea! I felt an urge to thank the poets on this lovely site! 💖✍

        • Vamsi Sudha

          That\'s so generous and wise of you. I am humbled !! I did not expect my name in the list as I am not a great poet as among the great ones out here at MPS. They are awesome and I am awe at their work always.
          I really admire your way of accolading other poets\' work. That truly displays your inner beautiful nature to put others before you. You are a wonderful person and a great man of thought !!
          Thanks soo much for making me part of this wonderful collection. Wish I could double star your poem , but for now ..✨✨ you get it here !!

        • 2 more comments

        • RainningHearts

          That's really sweet of you to make this ode Rocky. It's a wonderful and creative way of saying thank you to everyone here. < 3

          • Rocky Lagou

            Hey! Thanks so much! I'm happy to see you enjoyed this nod to the poets on MPS and seeing your comment makes me realize just how many I actually missed. It was a laborious process to compile each and every poet but I'll go adding more as I go! So you will be next! Have a wonderful day! 💖

          • orchidee

            Thanks R.

            • Rocky Lagou

              Hey Orchi! (Hope you don't mind me calling you that 😅) The pleasure is all mine to reciprocate the generosity of all the poets on MPS. I literally thought of the idea this past Sunday at like 1:00 at night. It came to me like a flash and I was totally in love with the idea so I decided to bring it into fruition! Thanks for your poetry! Have a great day! 💖

              • orchidee

                Phew! Did it take ages, thinking of everyone?
                I say to poets - calls me Orchi, Sir, or call me anything, except Sue. lol. Random name picked out there! hehehe. A gal named Susan hated being called Sue.

              • 3 more comments

              • Christina8

                OMG that was AMAZING and awww, you didn't forget me. How hard this must have been to include everybody! This makes MPS feel like family for sure. Awesome job Rocky!!!!--Christina

                • Rocky Lagou

                  Heheh! Omg I didn't think it was possible to be so delighted from these generous comments but here it is! It was my pleasure Christina! I felt an urge to give the favor in return and highlight lines from MPS that really stirred my heart and got me to thinking. So every quote you see here really had a positive effect on me, and it wouldn't have been complete without including you! So thank you for your good heart and fantastic poetry! Have a beautiful day! 💖😁

                • Rozina

                  Thank you Rocky for being such an encouraging friend to new and old poets. Your poem gives out a warm happy feeling as I read it. I put up “If MPS poets met….” on the 21st Jan but hadn’t “met” you then. Would definitely want to have you at our picnic! Have a lovely day.

                  • Rocky Lagou

                    Oh, Rozina! I just read the poem you mentioned and OMG that was so so clever. Hehe, just a little imaginary picnic with the MPS family, i love it! It's totally fine though, I'm sure a new "reunion" will be on the horizon. Thanks for writing poetry that really challenges people to see life differently, it's inspiring. Have a marvelous day! 💖✨

                  • FallenAngel1🕊

                    Hi Rocky! This is REALLY AWSOME!!! I'm so touched,as I'm sure we all are. I used to reject the Internet at one time. I didn't believe a genuine relationship of any kind with someone on another continent was possible. I don't know why,but I just thought it would be so fake and impersonal. The beautiful people here on MPS have joyfully proven me wrong. And you've just empowered the proof. Cheers🍻🌞🕊

                    • Rocky Lagou

                      Wow, I'm literally basking in your enthusiasm right now! I feel ecstatic to see that many poets here on the site appreciated my small nod to MPS. I once also believed that bonds just weren't possible via computer screens, but I'm happy to see that it IS feasible. May you have a wonderful day and continue writing innovative poetry! 🍻😃🙌

                      • FallenAngel1🕊

                        Hey,you too have yourself a great day. Cheers🍻🌞🕊

                      • Crowns4Christ

                        Thank you for the tribute my friend,your so sweet

                        • Rocky Lagou

                          Hey! It was totally my pleasure to spotlight some of the genius minds around us on MPS. You all are so original and creative that I felt a need to address each one individually. I hope you enjoyed my little tribute and may you have a lovely day! 💖

                        • Goldfinch60

                          Wonderful tribute Rocky.
                          MPS is certainly a wonderful site to share with all.


                          • Rocky Lagou

                            Hi Andy! I'm so happy that you commented because I just wanted to give you an extra thanks! Your poem "In The Game" was really inspiring for me and I love the way you were able to express such a sage idea via a simple analogy. "You are always in the game" Have a lovely day! ✨

                          • wise.word.weilder

                            A phenomenal mosaic; that has my heart from now on. You are such a sweetheart, and I loved this one; I do others as well. Each of your art is unique in its way, filled with Inspiration, Emotions, Thoughts, Expressions, and Feelings that are hard to describe, yet you communicate it subtly. What amazed me; even more; is SOMETIMES was worth enough of a mention. I never expected it to be a part of this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much.......Rocky.

                            • Rocky Lagou

                              Wow! I humbly appreciate your recognition! There are so many intelligent poets on this site that have really left an impact on me whether or not they've realized it. And you calling this a "mosaic" is literally so kind and so true. Each one of us poets are all a shining shard in the grand mosaic of poetry! I also want to highlight your poetry in specific because I'm going to be honest with you, you have such a beatuiful talent for writing. I mean your works have truly truly inspired and motivated me to experiment with my writing. You are so innovative with your presentations and the way you can arrange words in such breathtaking ways really shows your originality. "A single hope; makes you survive the night"

                              • wise.word.weilder

                                I wish; I could have known a great word than a thank you for the charming soul you are.

                              • 1 more comment

                              • junia

                                aww, thank you so much for including me! and thanks for introducing me to so many great poems i hadn’t had the pleasure of reading yet! this is extremely beautiful and inspirational

                                • Rocky Lagou

                                  Hey Junia! It's really nice to see you enjoyed my small tribute to MPS. I'm so happy that you were able to get to know new MPS poets and poems through this ode, that was one of my goals, to highlight poets! I really wanted to thank everyone for the inspiration they've brought me and of course you couldn't be missing from the list! You're an amazing poet and I'm positive that you'll achieve great things. Have a wonderful day! ✨

                                • spilleronsheet

                                  I was late to notice
                                  This priceless peace
                                  Why so precious ?
                                  Cause someone cherished the words the others sew
                                  The sparkle isn’t a gem
                                  Until praises by a special one
                                  Thanks a ton dear Rocky for remembering me
                                  It means a lot
                                  This is a wonderful ode
                                  As well as a positivity booster for me
                                  Where all the best collections are mentioned
                                  How I wish I could add to this list
                                  A beautiful poet I know
                                  Wonder who ?
                                  That’s you my dear friend
                                  In your words of sweet empathy
                                  Your emotions that connect
                                  The voice that calls for justice
                                  I hope you can add your words too
                                  Cause it’s an ode to all poets here
                                  And I truly agree with Teddy
                                  This is a beautiful family
                                  Who supports each other
                                  And you stringed together all members here
                                  Thanks a million dear Rocky for such a beautiful compilation and it made me fluttery inside
                                  To see my name up there
                                  I am glad I could ink the lines that you could adore it
                                  And I really loved the way, you even mentioned the work of the poets whose lines it corresponds
                                  Hats off to your efforts dear Rocky
                                  And I am sorry for being late to reply
                                  Caught up in loads of backlogs

                                  • Rocky Lagou

                                    Hello Spiller! What an impassioned reply, I'm truly grateful to see your appreciation of the little nod to MPS. I feel we're all special in our own poetic way and I wanted to display each poet and the lines that have left an impact on me. You being among them, of course. Your works truly inspire me and bring into me new life! Although I would've liked to add my name into the list, I feel like it would seem a little selfish since I chose the lines from poets which resonated with me most and I can't really judge my own works. But I'm really glad you consider me a part of the "MPS family" and I really hope to see more from you. Have a wonderful day! 💖

                                  • bellflower

                                    I liked this collection. Nice to see beautiful views through eyes of beautiful poets.

                                    • Rocky Lagou

                                      Thank you kindly! I really did my best to highlight each poet and show new poets passing by that MPS is really filled with marvels. Have a lovely day! 💖

                                      • bellflower

                                        My pleasure

                                      • AuburnScribbler

                                        A very heartwarming tribute here Rocky. This community is a great one, and long may it continue.

                                        Thank you for your salute, I shall give you one back, with my vote of thanks.

                                        Bravo, and I hope that all is well!

                                        • Rocky Lagou

                                          Thank you so much! I couldn't create a tribute without including you, you're a phenomenal poet! 👍

                                          • AuburnScribbler

                                            You are most welcome Rocky, and thank you so very much, for such lovely praise, I hope that all is well!

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