dusk arises

dusk arising

and now down she goes
blaze of gold turned slowly red
as she lays her light
to solar bed

pinks and mauves
enlight the sky
as daylight breathes
a final sigh

and dusk arises
that mystical time
neither day or night
when everything rhymes

when shadows fail
as trees disappear
and dark begins
night draws ever near



  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    A lovely poem , dusk ) like your words

  • Neville

    that in-between time is glorious & you have certainly done justice to it today sir ........................... Neville 🙂

  • Rocky Lagou

    So is this where you got your username from? The imagery is spectacular, I love this journey of colors and paintings in the sky. Beautiful.

    • dusk arising

      I had the name quite a while before i wrote this. To me actual dusk seems to grow from the land upwards (arises) rather than falls from above like twilight. Thank you Rocky.

    • dean langmuir

      Very nice.take care

    • Christina8

      This is just beautiful, dusk! I really don't have words to convey how much I like this poem but will favorite it for later....Christina

      • dusk arising

        Thank you Christina, honoured to be among your fav's.

      • Dahlia

        Lovely, great work poet!

      • Bella Shepard

        Love your beautiful description of sunset ebbing towards dusk, it's one of my favorite times of the day. Well done!

        • dusk arising

          Thank you Bella, it's a favourite of mine too especially if there is a blackbird singing nearby.

        • Eugene S.

          Awesome. Great flow and beautiful ambience.

        • Goldfinch60

          Super words d a, dusk is a wonderful time of the day.


          • dusk arising

            Thank you Andy, yes I agree.

          • SureshG

            Ahhhh! yes, the time when the Sun wears a veil, to calm its intensity and the royal colors explode in its wake, that yours words have exposed us for all to nourish

            • dusk arising

              The world and skies are wonderful when it all happens like that, thank you SureshG.

            • Laura🌻

              Dear Dusk,

              Your words made this time of day come alive. When I was hospitalized, I had a great view of that heavenly sky. I saw the most amazing colors of that magical time of day called dusk. I looked forward to that happening every 24hours. It made me forget about the pain…for a while.

              Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.


              • dusk arising

                Laura, i'm so sorry to read you were hospitalised and in pain. I hope you are fully recovered now. I have become more familiar with hospital stays as my years advance and i know it's not a nice place to be for any reason.
                Thank you for your kind supportive comments on my poetry.

              • FallenAngel1🕊

                Stunningly gorgeous dusk. To be in between the days death and the birth of night. I love the lines. My favourite is “pinks and mauves enlight the sky as daylight breathes its final sigh. 🥂🕊🌞

                • dusk arising

                  I love to be outside at that time of day. Thank you Angel.

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