Rocky Lagou

Giving Up Poetry

I could write a ballad,

I could write a sonnet,

I could write a villanelle,

Or I may peacefully reside in Hell.


I could write about nothing,

And it would be eaten up like air.


Please. Please. Don’t idolize me.


Some say I’ve a calling –

Others say it’s appalling.


I could follow all my muses –

Until I become insane:


Emily D. said,

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.”


Maya A. said,

"Nothing will work unless you do."


Sylvia P. said,

“Out of the ash. I rise with my red hair. And I eat men like air.”


I could write about nothing,

And it would be eaten up like air.


I could live in the free-verse realm,

And idly spend my days.


Or I could branch out and set my gaze,

to the human rights, to the human sight –


In a meter, or a form, or a rhyme,

Or a storm.


But I’m only writing right now

Because I feel I have something to give.


I don’t know if it’ll be a temporary fix,

To my sadness, to my madness, or to my chaos.


But I’m only writing right now

Because I feel I have something to give.


I could be wrong –

But I feel – I sense – I perceive – I smell – I taste –


That I have something to give,

Because to put it short – we all do.


You could think I’m a narcissistic brat,

For even writing this –


But - I’m audacious.

We were born to spread our wings –


We were born to focus on self from the beginning –

“Survival of the fittest.”


But don’t take my writes about embracing self –

Like neglecting others – always stay humble AND love others.


Love to poet, mother, brother – Mother fu-

(This is just a message to let your pen go wild - and your mind go free.)


I don’t want to be idolized – I don’t want to live in fame.

I only write because of the voice – that won’t stop inside my brain.

  • Author: Rocky Lagou (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2022 09:09
  • Comment from author about the poem: Recently, I've been feeling quite overwhelmed. It could be everything that's going on in the world and in my personal life as well, but I just needed to vent my thoughts out. I've also realized that not everyone is going to perceive your writings the same way. But this is honestly what I think most people feel, especially poets, or may feel at times. The title, btw, is because of the day I'm posting this (April 1st πŸ˜‰.) It could also be read like "giving" (like a literal action of giving, or sharing) "up" πŸ‘†, your poetry. That's why I didn't title it "Giving Up ON Poetry." So don't give up on poetry. But give up your poetry. ✍
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  • dusk arising

    LOL I gave up poetry ages ago when some one wrote to me "if youve got something to say, say it in four lines, if you can't manage that, say it in three"

    • Rocky Lagou

      Lordddd!!! Omg whoever sent you that is a literal genius though. I always find it so hard to write what's on my mind in like 4 or 6 lines. Like that's what people really be expecting nowadays with poetry, but it's so much more than that, like I can't cram all my thoughts into a 1 stanza poem, my mind just can't do that, unless it's like a 20-line stanza. Like every poem of mine can't be a freaking haiku! But I feel that those who do write with restricted stanzas and lines, are pure artists. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ’–

      • dusk arising

        LOL I made it up on the spur of the moment, just tongue in cheek. I famous middle east poet wrote something along the lines of:- each day meditate for one hour and on those days when you cannot afford the time meditate for three hours.
        Joking apart though, short poems pack more punch. Every reader will form pictures based upon their own life experience so you only have to give the basics and they will form a perfect picture. i.e. the old falling gate leant against the tree.... do i need to desribe the gate, the tree, the season ... no, you already did that. LOL fun isn't it... there's something about this creative writing lark that i really like and i like communicating with people who like it too.

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      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        We all write for different reasons .. I’ve been feeling anxious and overwhelmed today .. for several reasons , just tired emotionally right now . I guess we want our writings to be liked but sometimes we simply write for ourselves ? I like your line about loving ourselves and others . We can’t always write to want to impress sonetimes we simply write for ourselves , and that’s ok

        • Rocky Lagou

          Such beautiful words you've presented. " We can’t always write to want to impress sometimes we simply write for ourselves." It's so true. At times we just need to really vent out our emotions into a poem and to not set expectations about whether or not it will be "received well" by others. It's touching to see you could also relate to the anxiousness of life, I'd say I'm also "emotionally tired" like you mention. But it's always important to love yourself and others. Thanks for your kind words! You've really lightened up my day! Have a good one! ✨

        • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

          I think we should write in the way we want to .. if we want to rhyme then yeah , I never do , least not intentionally

        • Christina8

          I'm so glad it's a metaphorical title and not for real even though it is April Fools Day. Cuz you have so much to offer, so much to say! As you say, we were born to spread our wings! And maybe this is what you were meant to do. I like the quotes too. But, I truly think you have a gift and a calling, mister! πŸ™‚

          • Rocky Lagou

            My words of gratitude can't accurately describe just how thankful I am to hear you words! I kind of wanted a "shocker" title to allure the reader, but all in all it's a message that's embedded in the double meaning. Give (share) up (to the world) your poetry! We all have the potential to share to the world our experiences and our journey via the wonder that is poetry. So, it's truly a blessing to see you felt what I was going for. Thanks again for your encouraging words, have a wonderful day!

          • dean langmuir

            Rocky as always your poetry gets me,on the same page so to speak,seems like all us contemplators are a little tired but realize the joys in life also,take care.

            • Rocky Lagou

              Exactly Dean! It could feel that when writing and sharing poetry to others that one isn't being "recognized" or "appreciated" as much as one believes they should be. But that's why I state, "Please. Please. Don't idolize me." I love hearing people's words of praise, but always focus on your own creative path first, and then go out and spread the love. I'm truly humbled to see you resonated with my little experimental piece. Have a great day! ✨

            • Teddy.15

              LOL now I take great offence to this

              I could live in the free-verse realm,

              And idly spend my days

              I'll have you know it takes me at least two minutes to write a poem LOL 🀣

              Be careful of getting your head out the MPs door today dear rocky bow poet. LoL

              • Rocky Lagou

                Hehe, omg this response is literally gold! Listen now I have NOTHING against free-verse poetry, I mean most of my poems are in free-verse anyways, but this was in part written in response to a certain someone who sent me a comment on a non-free-verse poem that went on to pretty much say, "stay in my lane" (free-verse.) So I kinda laughed inside of myself when I read that and said, "wow is my non-free-verse poetry really that bad?" Idk maybe I'm just oblivious to the fact that free-verse is my permanent abode. But this poem is a sort of smack to that comment to say that I could write "In a meter, or a form, or a rhyme, / Or a storm." I feel we should all have that self-confidence within ourselves that says, "you can write, despite the form!" So yeah, no hard feelings towards free-verse! Thanks for your always generous (and witty) words! πŸ˜…

              • orchidee

                OOhhh, I dunno - why use 5 words when 20 or 30 will do?! heehee.
                But sometimes limiting words can help us to focus more, I find (as in some of my shorter poems).
                Ohh, I'm enjoying sunny spells and short snow showers here in UK. April showers - yes, snowy ones just for now. Doh! And that's no April Fool joke.
                I was delivering some Easter cards for a church. I could have said 'Merry Christmas' to the folk! Well It looked like it, by the weather!

                • Rocky Lagou

                  Hehe! I can't believe the snow is still lingering where you're at now. I'm currently drowning in the Miami heat. I also need to work on my word usage as I see I tend to write a "little" excessively, but we're all "works in progress." Thanks for your reply! Have a lovely day! πŸ˜…βœ¨

                  • orchidee

                    Well, some of the UK 'forgot what snow is', the past few months. We took our coats off for about the past 10 days - well, later in the day anyway! Now we have put them on again. Hope it is milder soon.

                  • sorenbarrett

                    Rocky well said. We all write for different reasons and they are all right. We all use different styles and they are all right. If we choose not to write it is ok, if we choose to write it is ok. Never stop the voice in your brain.

                    • Rocky Lagou

                      Thank you so much for your caring words! Poetry is all about writing how you feel and the ideas that come to you, and I'm so glad you enjoyed this piece. Have a wonderful day!

                    • Bella Shepard

                      I think your poem speaks to the kernel of poetry, which for me is the expression of self. We may all do that in different ways; wordy, brief, rhyming, free flow of thoughts, and so on, but it's the expression, the gift of self to others that is truly wonderful. And in return we love each other for the offering of that gift. I applaud the gift you have given all of us in this poem. Write on dear friend!

                      • Rocky Lagou

                        Hi Bella! Your words are always so sharp and keen! You hit the mark with the message of this poem. Poetry truly boils down to that "expression of self" you mention, and I love the way that completely diverse people can all connect through that one wonderful medium. The thing that's so splendid about poetry is that it allows you to express your creative side in the way you want to (whether it be free-verse, or a form, or simply whatever you compose into words!) It's liberating and I'm so glad you grasped that aspect of this poem. Have a lovely day and thanks as always for your kind remarks! πŸ’–

                      • Goldfinch60

                        We all write in our own way to put our feelings onto paper and what ever they say means so much to ourselves and if others like them that is a bonus.
                        Good words Rocky.


                        • Rocky Lagou

                          Exactly! Poetry allows anyone to tap into their inner creativity and articulate however they're feeling or whatever they're seeing and express it in marvelous ways. It's truly a blessing and to be able to share that with others is such a gift! Thanks for the comment! Have a great day!

                        • spilleronsheet

                          Truthfully it is so powerful and brut truth
                          Life isn’t set of rules
                          Nothing works according to norms
                          And the pent up emotions shall swell one day
                          And come outside beautifully by your pen dear Rocky
                          I honestly liked your courageous sword
                          It slashed right inside
                          Totally rocked in feels
                          And finished the wars of emotions raising inside
                          Pen up as you wish
                          Cause you truly shine
                          With that beautiful mind

                          • Rocky Lagou

                            Oh, my gratitude for such precise and wholehearted words is actually inexpressible. Sometimes we all just bottle up our feelings until it becomes unbearable to carry anymore. That's why I adore poetry, it allows us to convey those confined thoughts and give them new life. It's so delightful to see you grasped the theme. Thanks for your kind words! Have a wonderful day!

                          • Accidental Poet

                            We live, we think, we feel, we write. And the whole process starts over again and again. πŸ˜‰

                            • Rocky Lagou

                              So true dear poet! Thanks a bunch for your appreciation and sweet words! Sometimes all we need is an old pen and a tattered sheet of paper to let our minds "go free." Have a splendid day!

                            • Doggerel Dave

                              Rocky, Rocky
                              (from above where there is no link to place this in its appropriate position):
                              "a certain someone who sent me a comment on a non-free-verse poem that went on to pretty much say, "stay in my lane" (free-verse.) So I kinda laughed inside of myself when I read that and said, "wow is my non-free-verse poetry really that bad?"
                              So from that '"certain someone," may I just clarify?
                              Not that your non free verse is bad - My argument was that if you are going to claim a classic form then you should make the effort to honour that form.
                              It's more about communication. We communicate with words , and if we are to succeed we must agree on the basic meaning of these tools we use. Thus a Shakespearean sonnet should be? You know what it should be. Do it or explain why not.
                              No third person comments in future - put that argument where it belongs next time.

                              • Rocky Lagou

                                Hello fellow poet, pardon me if you felt targeted or diminished from my words and the lack, on my part, from not talking to you directly. It truly isn't like me to talk about others, especially other poets, in a way that'll make that person feel neglected or ignored. I strive to create unity via my poems and as well through my communication to others. However, I felt your response to the poem, "Peripheral Happiness," was quite blunt and slightly confining with the words, "stick to what you do best." It may have just been me interpreting it wrong, but to tell another poet to "stick" to one form or one way of writing isn't the best way to support another. I feel poetry is a diverse area that promotes self-expression and one that shouldn't be limited to one form or one way of expression. So, personally, it felt like you were indirectly telling me that I'm incapable of writing outside of free-verse. Once again, I apologize if I interpreted that incorrectly, but I felt a need to get that out of my system and write. It is only now that I read your reply in which you state that because of the irregular rhymes and lack of syllable pattern you didn't consider "Peripheral Happiness" a Shakespearean sonnet. So I just want to add on to that and say that it could be because of the dialect difference that you mention, as I know that most English people would pronounce "again" as "A-GAIN" while the American variation is "A-GEN," that led to you not seeing the rhyme scheme. I'll include the words that I rhymed and include their respective line: "view" (line 1) with "you" (line 3); "living" (line 2) with "giving" (line 4); "art" (line 5) with "bark" (line 7); "again" (line 6) with "ascend" (line 8); "vine" (line 9) with "time" (line 11); "done" (line 10) with "sun" (line 12); and finally "now" (line 13) with "somehow" (line 14.) Some words are slant rhymes so that may also be the cause of confusion but I tried my best to apply the rhyme scheme all the way through. With the syllable count, I have to admit, I didn't follow a fixed syllable count and I also want to add on that that does make the poem seem "clunky" as you suggest and it didn't cross my head during writing because I didn't intend on having a meter; and usually syllable count and meter are linked together so I completely skipped that part of the sonnet form. Looking back, it wasn't my best example of a sonnet and I'll be sure to give future forms a double-check before I publish them. But all in all, I'm sincerely sorry if you felt offended from any of my words or the lack of communication with you. You are an amazing poet, and it's such a pleasure to see you take time from your day to give my own poems a read and even go out of your way to leave kind remarks. I want you to know that I do appreciate your kind compliments and take them into heart, "You have a good poem here," "you are on to a winner." It goes to show your caring nature. Thank you and have a lovely day!

                              • Sparkely._.Dino

                                Poetry is something many do for various reasons. I do it to express thing I cant express on paper or in words. Poetry is something I do to escape. Rocky you have so much to give, so much inspiration, so much pain, so much love. We dont always write for others, some of we write for oursleves.

                                • Rocky Lagou

                                  Hello! These words are so encouraging! You're right on with the message! We all have something to share with others and to be able to communicate that through poetry is such a gift! Thanks for the comments and have a lovely day writing poetry!

                                • Poetic Dan

                                  Your title was perfect and made me click then so many smiles ready a flow so slick. Appalling or a calling still sits so well and rest I'd gladly drift under your spell.

                                  I really hope this vent helped

                                  • Rocky Lagou

                                    Thanks a bunch Dan! This truly was a much needed vent and it surely helped to write how I felt at the moment. Life can get pretty chaotic but it's always nice to know we can write down how we feel. Hope everything is well!

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