blue orchid

The road less traveled

It's difficult to stick to the road less traveled,

It's going to be a bumpy ride,where the road is coming unraveled,

Often times we are alone on this journey of hope,

And we feel numb,as if pulled by a rope,

The Heavenly Kingdom is the ultimate destination,

But there are those who live with hesitation,

The only way there is down the road less traveled,

It's always smooth asphalt,we will hit parts that are graveled,

The wide open freeway is what to beware,

The fast track to hell,you really don't want to go there,

I'm off, down the road less traveled, and I won't be utterly alone,

For God is with me, wherever I roam,

Maybe I'll see you there, I do pray,

That I will be surrounded by you all, that end the perfect day


  • LostLoner

    Great poem. Good stuff.

    • blue orchid

      Thank you so much L

    • spilleronsheet

      Great one dear Blue orchid….God is with us, and the courage and flicker of hope drives us, lets meet down there…on that road less travelled….

      • blue orchid

        Absolutely let's do just that, thank you spiller

      • voices of ghosts

        Very lovely & encouraging!
        Take care & be blessed 🙂

      • Goldfinch60

        We all find different roads in our lives and the each one takes as to the place where we are at each moment.


      • orchidee

        The strait (gate) and narrow (way) there.
        No one's travelled 50 years with KP. It's a dark, terrifying path to go on! lol.

        • blue orchid

          Hahahahaha,but you have six months of peace and harmony

        • Rocky Lagou

          Robert Frost's poem instantly came to mind with the title. You surely did him justice, this is glorious. A challenge of faith and hope, hope to see you as well on the flipside!

          • blue orchid

            Thank you so much Rocky, that is a true honor to be compared to Robert frost, I love him
            Thank you so much again,see you there

          • Brother Jacob

            Lovely poem, it reminds me a lot of that scripture broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, but straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads unto life, and few there be to find it.

            Great job! 👏

            • blue orchid

              That was my inspiration for this piece, thank you so much

            • matthew jay

              I loved this one. Robert Frost is one of my favorite Poets. He would approve of this I think.

              • blue orchid

                Mine too but he honestly never crossed my mind until Rocky mentioned him, thank you so much, I'm truly honored that you think so

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