what makes a poet

dusk arising



what makes a poet?
for theres something broken
inside a poet
something which cries
to be outspoken
in a poet
words which will touch you
from a poet
your pains recounted in the word
of a poet
and more, so much more
for the splenders of this beautiful life
are alive
in the heart of a poet

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  • Goldfinch60

    So true d a, those words must come out.


  • Saxon Crow

    I love the poem Dusk but I wouldn't say we are all broken. But we are all capable of expressing the aspects of ourselves freely

  • Vamsi Sudha

    Wonderful Dusk, you really spoke our hearts out !!

  • Rozina

    This is interesting dusk. Reading poems from MPS has opened up my mind to so many shared emotions and ideas and laughter and friendships. And inspires poetry writing.

  • L. B. Mek

    so true, dear poet
    and so frustratingly, elusive
    to mere
    wannabe scribblers, like me
    sorry for making your words
    all about me..)
    thanks Dusk, a great write!
    'in my humble opinion'

  • spilleronsheet

    Cheers over a glass…so true dear Dusk…each one of us got their portrait…thank you so much…

  • Christina8

    Love, love, love this poem!! Spoken like a true poet, from one to another!

  • FallenAngel1🕊

    Straight from the heart❤️🥂🫶🌹🕊🌞

  • Neville

    you ask a question with an answer
    like a poet only can
    ta for posting this today DA your da man 🙂


  • sorenbarrett

    Great measures for what is a poet. Much of what we write does come from the pain we experienced as part of us was broken. Sometimes I like to just write to laugh. Although this probably does not touch others as much and maybe is not poetic.

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