Sometimes the thoughts are worse an the people,

While the actions were hurtful. The thoughts are 

Only there to remind me what they have done. 

An endless loop playing the scenes over again.

Leaving me to question what I could have done.


Uncertain anxiety to come, 

Holding me back out of fear of what if.

Fading into the shadows to not be recognized or stand. 

Closing myself Off to build walls.

 A coping mechanism 


That keeps me bound to those memories that

Haunt me. Ghost of the past telling me to 

Let go and forgive and forget what

Happen, but facing those fears only brings back 

The thought of what if it happens again.


  • Rocky Lagou

    It sure looks rough, know that there's always light. It may seem difficult to see it now, but keep your mind positive. If you think optimistically and not dread the past or the "what if's?" then you'll live an easier life. Amazing writing.

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