Taking in the Seeds come Harvest


Taking in the Seeds come Harvest


On a good day, she said

every vessel

shall be filled to overflowing

and at the end

of a good day, there shall be

rejoicing in the fields ..



  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Nice poem ))

    • Neville

      thank you VP 🙂

    • Anny

      Such a poem, love it!

      • Neville

        how very kind of you .. thank you Anny 🙂

      • L. B. Mek

        I gotta get out to the Dales again soon
        been too long...
        Have you been staying at the 'Country Harvest', dear poet
        is this poem how you paid for your bill?
        (They got the better end of that deal!)
        thank you! loved this
        pure nourishment for our poetic imaginations:
        read, close eyes
        and traverse, lush countryside's
        at harvest
        merely, within words...!
        therapeutic to say the least

        • Neville

          therapeutic does it for me every time Mek .. I feel better already ............ cheers Neville

        • spilleronsheet

          And those are lines of optimism, overflowing with celebration of success… really enjoyed dear Neville…

          • Neville

            How very kind and so much appreciated dear spills ... thank you .. Neville

          • Fay Slimm.

            Seeing the intake clearly as I rejoice in your gift for intrigue so effortlessly - -- telling words and loved every line.

            • Neville

              bless you dear lady Fay .................. x

            • orchidee

              You started me off singing (argghh!)
              'Ohhh, Bringing in the sheaves,,.....'
              (on you tube - that's the chorus bit)

              • Neville

                Cor us are stunned ... aint that wot ya keep a knife in ................................................. 🙂

              • Rocky Lagou

                A positive affirmation. This feels so optimistic and ripe, I just want to take a bite off my computer screen and engulf your words.

                • Neville

                  sounds good to me my friend but remember never type with ya mouth full ...... N 🙂

                • Christina8

                  Very nice one N! Flows with optimism.....C

                  • Neville

                    I always say, if ya gotta flow, then its best to do it with plenty of optimism ......... thank you for smiling upon this page lady C ... N

                  • dusk arising

                    HEY said the landlord, what about rejoicing down the pub?

                    Brought back childhood memories when I lived on the edge of a mining village in Notts and we would go help with the harvest and making haystacks. We were a good community and the farmer had no quibbles about us sleigh riding in his fields come winter.
                    Fond memories - thank you.

                    • Neville

                      my pleasure DA .. and back at you my friend .. it weren't Mansfield woz it 🙂

                    • Bella Shepard

                      We need more positive in this world, and you have reaffirmed this so well with these simple lines. Be grateful for each good day!

                      • Neville

                        Absolutely Bella .. and on that note I truly thank thee ......... Neville

                      • Laura🌻

                        Dear Neville,

                        Your beautifully scripted poem reminded me of harvest time at my great grandmother’s farm. As a young child, I found the whole experience fascinating. Everyone had fun…from the youngest to the eldest.

                        Thank you for sharing your basketful of meaningful words.


                        • Neville

                          I am so glad you were able to be there and see through the window of my words Laura .. it makes the whole process so much more worthwhile .. x


                        • Rozina

                          A positive scene of a good harvest written so nicely in just a few lines.

                          • Neville

                            thank you Roz what could possibly be better .. Neville

                          • Goldfinch60

                            Every day is a good day Neville, they must be as we got up in the morning.


                            • Neville

                              too bloomin write you are sir ... and ta for dropping in .............. Neville

                            • SureshG

                              There is nothing more thrilling then to see a seed germinate, and to nourish the fruits of wonderful words.

                              • Neville

                                What an absolutely lovely thing for you to say my friend .. many thanks indeed .. Neville

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