Blossom tree

kitty the naughty poet

The blossom tree draws me closer and
I sit in the shadows cast by the trunk of life.
sitting amongst the dewy blades of green grass
with my head laying upon an ivy branch.
breathing deep as the blossom petals
flutter down like a flurry of pink snow
enchanting the wind to whistle through the
leaves while the sun plays hide and seek
peeking through the branches above me.

As I sit in the comfort of the grass
The pink leaves remind me of a beauty
within and a gentle nature smiling
They make me think of a soft rainbow
Of a cotton comfortable love
The grass is accepting me
The breeze blinks in awe
At all the pink leaves protecting me
Like an umbrella
And I feel cared for and In a place of pink peace

i seek to receive all that ye think i deserve
knowing i will be wanting more i hope this desire
never fleeting
the touch the sound every thing around glows with fire now i need i will i need to achieve steal your heart willingly
maybe you be a he she thee or even a g d a m
muh f k n tree
i need something someone i belief that can set me free finally let me achieve peace eternally.
know one day i will know my destiny is not to walk along til the end of time.
one day i will find mine the reason to be
the other half of j the wholly blossoming tree.

decadently delicate blossoms
cherry bright, graceful pink
and cherished
for their butterfly, shelf life..
solemn winter, delivering
survivor's to Spring's scenes n scents
blossoming, Sun-kissed smiles
long remembered, in grateful hearts...

You’re the visual gate, for warmth and joy,
petaled smiles, rise from frosted ground,
where a lady’s, a girl, a man’s, a boy,
they will play, underneath your mound,
though with crusty eyes, I do see thee,
for flower power, becomes a burden,
but, as the Sun beats down, it reminds me,
that more pleasure, is for certain,
so stand proud, our silent friend,
please guide us, to be more pure,
until the time, your leaves lives end,
when they scatter upon the floor.

It’s the High Park Cherry Blossom season
I think I’ll go
I see no reason
It attracts all kinds of people
Taking pictures
With all the little gadgets on their phones with selfie fixtures
I’m almost sure to find a few that have fallen off without a care
I’ll pick them up and place them in my hair
And lay on the green blades of grass
While whistling Dixie without a care


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