Dear Teddy and Paul,

Hope you both don't get mad with me for these limericks! I added one for myself too. I just couldn't think of anything to write but suddenly thought of some limericks of various friends including those on this site, friends who would laugh.

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There is a young lady named Teddy

Teddy so loves cooking spaghetti

She cooks through the night

Her husband took fright

From far he shouted Arrivederci!


There is an Englishman named Paul B

Whose poetry can be very funny

Day and night he wrote ten

Then he went round the bend

He now SINGS his poems with Teddy!


There is a woman named Rozina

Who comes from the country Malaysia

She's old but still cheeky

She could be a monkey

You'll find her in Zoo Australia!

  • Author: Rozina (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 6th, 2022 04:51
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  • Nicholas Browning

    The fact that you included yourself was the perfect touch. Absolutely fantastic!

    • Rozina

      Thank you.

    • L. B. Mek

      cute, a fun read
      thanks for sharing

      • Rozina

        Thank you.

      • Christina8

        Very humorous and cute! Loved these! Great job!

        • Rozina

          Thank you.

        • Rocky Lagou

          Hehe. Oh these were all worth a good laugh. Great nod to the amazing poets on this site as well. Limericks are the best. But, hey, don't call yourself a monkey!

          • Rozina

            Haha thanks Rocky.

          • Goldfinch60

            Wonderful limericks Rozina.


            • Rozina

              Thank you. Andy.

            • Neville

              Malaysia eh' one of my favourite countries to date .. enjoyed so much went back the following year & took the kids ... and for what its worth, I bet each one of em will be chuffed to bits ... ya cheeky monkey .. N x

              • Rozina

                Thanks Neville. Visit Malaysia again. We live in Penang, a lovely island of great food, beaches and hospitality (sounding like a tourist guide here).

                • Neville

                  Wow, I have been twice on my journey via Bangkok by train and then the ferry for a stop over in Penang I love the food the jetties and we stayed at the Museum Hotel .. the second time they were filming a movie in the hotel .. it was absolutely amazing .. and we are sure to go again some time .............. Neville 🙂

                • Paul Bell

                  Okay, step away from the computer, you've gone too far, you've got Teddy singing, to my guitar. Not sure why the birds are dropping down dead, couldn't be Teddy's singing or my guitar. Okay, the police are on the scene, they've just arrested Teddy, the karaoke queen. Knew it wasn't my strumming of the strings that brought them out, though, that policeman pointing his gun telling me to get out. You keep up the limericks, Rozina, this is the way to go, I've now got a spring in my step as the police take me in tow.

                  • Rozina

                    Oh dear oh dear. I don't have enough to bail you and Teddy out. You'll both have to stay in jail until I can make enough money from my poems. Now I'm REALLY SORRY!

                    • Paul Bell

                      If I didn't have a hangover, I'd retort, but my full English hasn't hit the spot.

                    • SureshG

                      Humor is the best compliment, and there is no subject better than self. Thanks for the entertainment

                      • Rozina

                        Thank you.

                      • dusk arising

                        A fine lady writer Rozina
                        has such a poetic demeanor
                        she writes every day
                        in her own special way
                        and you won't find a poet who's keener

                        • Rozina

                          Thank you.

                          A kind gentleman dusk arising
                          Is really a knight who is shining
                          He polished his armour
                          A lady he charmed her
                          Both lady and knight are entwining!

                          • dusk arising

                            Oh Rozina I wish it were so
                            You give my insides such a glow
                            now we've happened perchance
                            on poetic romance
                            do you think we should now let it show?

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