dusk arising

places in my dreams



There are places i have been in my dreams
places where i return many times
to the streets of memory which
my mind created for my dreams
where new adventure awaits and old
familiar foes hide in dark doorways
along alleyways where bright lit taverns
invite with their intoxication of welcome
upon pretty faces who would then
accompany me across those fields
of my imagined past and out
along country lanes of wild abandon
all in my dreams, my other life
when my body is at slumber and my heart
plays wonderous games with the night
caught for a few moments on my waking breath
but lost to the light of dawn's yawning zest


  • Goldfinch60

    May your dreams of wonder and memories fill your life with the glory of your world d a.


  • Teddy.15

    What a stunner, I have 4 accuring dreams that I've had since I was a child. This is beyond Beautiful dear Dusky. 💖

  • Rozina

    You are so right. It's deja vu. Sometimes in my dreams the scene is so familiar, "I've been here before sensation". Lovely poem.

  • Saxon Crow

    This reminds me of my dog. No not really. I love the dreams that give you poetry. They're special. Just like this poem

  • Rocky Lagou

    Wow this was superb. Dreams are truly quite an elusive thing. But that description, "caught for a few moments on my waking breath," is actually divine and spot-on. I can relate so much, it's like I can barely grasp it as soon as I wake up but then it just fades away. Your actually so lucky to have "lucid dreams," I've always wanted to have one, but have never succeeded. It's like having control over your own dreamland, wow.

  • Christina8

    Isn't it wonderful that you have lucid dreams? I have them on occasion. may they continue to delight and amaze!

  • Bella Shepard

    What would our waking minds be like without out our dreams? They so often inspire and even guide us to be more creative. I love how you have framed the dreaming experience. May you wander happily there and continue to be that inspired poet.

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