Rocky Lagou



you teaser.

Always trying

To tickle

My toes.

With your

To and fro –


A pendulum-like


So enchanting.

Sirenic soprano,

Inching your way

To me -

Like a pocket watch.


Sandcastle innocence,

Angsty sunburns,

Mature beach affairs,

Wrinkles on seashells.



You mad hypnotist,

Swallow me whole.


  • kivous

    Lovely. Waves do have this hypnotic effect, I agree. You go on watching them come and go and never get bored.

    • Rocky Lagou

      Hello dear Kivous, I'm really glad to see that you enjoyed the poem. Although superficially this poem is simply about a shoreline experience in serenity, it also has a deeper underlying meaning. The "hypnosis" is all intertwined in the poem, as it's foreshadowed with the "to and fro" and the "pocket watch" lines. And there other indicators that represent the idea of "life as a whole." Nonetheless, I truly appreciate your thoughtful remarks and I wish you a lovely day!

    • Teddy.15

      Love this Rocky, I could see every bit of imagery 💖

      • Rocky Lagou

        Hi dear Teddy! Thank you so much! I wanted to highlight that trancelike sensation that the ocean and the shoreline has. It kind of feels like the world goes mute and you're just left with yourself and the waves. I hope you caught on to the deeper meaning, the second stanza is probably the biggest hint of it. I wanted to try something new with the formatting and decided to make the poem into one thin line, which also alludes to the continuity of life. I'm really glad you enjoyed the piece, have a wonderful day!

      • orchidee

        Good write Rocky.
        Ohhh, it's too deep for me sometimes, these poems! I'm all un-cultured! Am I? lol.

        • Rocky Lagou

          Hi Orchi! Hehe, no it's fine, sometimes the "deeper meaning" is hidden within the lines and it just takes time to dig into it to fully grasp the message. I wanted to reference life, the evolution, like going from child to teen to adult to senior and then finally...death. And make it all sound like a serene experience, but in actuality it's like one intense session of hypnosis. I reference that "evolution" in the second stanza, and then finally death would be the final line, "swallow me whole." Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the gist of it. Life goes on. Have a lovely day!

          • orchidee

            I dunno if I got the gist of it, with all of me 3 brain cells trying to work it out! heehee.
            But seriously, I don't always get the 'deeper meaning' of some poems.

          • dusk arising

            Where we meet the edge of the ocean is exhillerating isn't it. And when we relax in it's presence it's majesty does things to our thinking, brings forth the spiritual and with that so many unanswerable questions. At that stage for me, i feel insignificant. All my problems and worries become miniscule confronted by this perpetual motion which is only a tiny part of the wonders we so easily overlook and take for granted in our everyday lives.
            I get the vibe from your post that you are on the same wavelength when contemplating the shoreline too. It's a fascinating thing to write about, well done. I bet the subject will come time and time again in your writing too.

            • Rocky Lagou

              Hello dear Dusk! Thanks abundantly for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. I literally couldn't have said it better myself. It's that serenity one experiences when being so close to the ocean, it's something so encapsulating that it's almost like a transcendence. You're definitely spot-on with the essence of this poem. It's also kind of a nostalgic look on life, the second stanza synopsizes life and the maturity of us humans. As it goes from that "sandcastle innocence" (childhood) to the "angsty sunburns" (adolescence) to "mature beach affairs" aka sex on the beach (which represents adulthood) and finally "Wrinkles on seashells" (our golden years of life.) It's kind of like life in a "snapshot." Glad you enjoyed and felt my "wavelength." Have a wonderful day!

            • Saxon Crow

              What a lovely piece of poetry Rocky. Diet rate stuff.

              • Rocky Lagou

                Hello beloved Saxon, many thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoyed my hypnotical journey through life. Have a wonderful day!

              • Not Entirely here

                I love this, simply because I can relate to it. I live at the coast and every time I go to the beach I feel like the waves I just trying to trick me into walking into the water, lol. Not sure if that makes sense but yeah. I love the poem, keep up the good work. 🙂

                • Rocky Lagou

                  Hello dear poet, it's so nice to see you around. I totally get what you're saying, that was the message I wanted to get across. The ocean can serve as a sort of "invitation" to another realm unkown to us, but it's a realm in our minds. It's a sort of euphoric bliss we find when we're near the waves. And it all helps us tap into our true selves, thanks so much for the comment! Have a lovely day!

                • Bella Shepard

                  Life tantalizes us, lures us, beckons us to figure it out. We are truly mesmerized with its profound beauty, and yet it always seems to be a few steps ahead of us. I love it when you tease me with thought compelling lines and beautiful verse. Thank you dear Rocky!

                  • Rocky Lagou

                    Of course Bella, you're spot-on. Life and its vastness can be so captivating that it almost becomes hypnotic-like, as if we're just one seashell on a seashore being lured in by the grand sea. I truly thank your generosity, you're so kind. Have a marvelous day!

                  • Rozina

                    Yes Rocky, as a child (or an adult) walking at the edge of the waves as they move nearer and further is so real for me. I love this and also what it can mean in life.

                    • Rocky Lagou

                      Hi Rozina, thanks abundantly for your kind remarks. The ocean is so calming, it's almost therapeutic. And it can really feel like a dazzling experience. Thanks so much for dropping by, have a lovely day!

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Good words Rocky showing a deeper meaning in life.


                      • Rocky Lagou

                        Yes Andy, all the layers of life interlaced in the fabrics of the grand ocean. Thanks so much for the comment, have a wonderful day.

                      • Paul Bell

                        Great analogy, the waves coming towards you bring abundance, but beware, the waves going out can take that all away in a flash.

                        • Rocky Lagou

                          Yes, indeed, Paul. A spectacular interpretation. The waves can easily bring us pleasure and delight, but with that exact same ease it can swallow us whole. It's all in our firmness. Thanks so much, have a great day!

                        • Christina8

                          A beautful poem Rocky! Really a work of art. I can see age as it progresses in the second stanza and then "swallow me whole" which would probably mean death. I enjoyed your depiction of the ocean shoreline, tickling your toes. I had intended on reviewing this yesterday than sh*t hit the fan. So sorry. You have a wonderful poem here and i'm sure i missed some nuances but tried to imagine where you were coming from......all my best, Christina

                          • Rocky Lagou

                            No worries at all dear Christina! You're right on with the interpretations. I tried to represent the aging and evolution of life during the second stanza and our eventual demise with the last line. It's all interwoven and almost enchanting. Life is one beautiful and breathtaking ocean view. Thank you so much for your care, have a lovely day!

                          • hotidris

                            Good poem about a shoreline.

                            • Rocky Lagou

                              Hey thanks so much for reading, you're so kind. Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

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