Paul Bell

Wrong Number

She said I was history.
Then she said she would give me one more chance.
Then she said I didn’t deserve a second chance.
Then just as I was about to speak.
She said, I mean, who the hell do you think you are.
I was just about to say.
She said, this is definitely your last warning.
I was silent for a few seconds.
Well, what do you have to say for yourself.
This is a wrong number.
You’re not speaking to the guy you’re dumping.
Well, why the hell did you let me rabble on.
To be truthful, I sort of get dumped a lot by phone, I just didn’t recognize the number.
That’s because you’re all jerks.
Well, why don’t I take you out tonight to get over the jerk.
Get knotted, consider yourself and the jerk dumped.
Got a feeling she’ll phone back later and apologize, and then take me up on my offer, and when she gets to know me better.
She’ll definitely dump me.


  • Teddy.15

    You and your love triangles paul, they are nothing if not eye opening! lol 🤣 I feel the pain I really do (chuckle) 💖

    • Paul Bell

      They're probably happily married now.

    • dusk arising

      I remember when i was very active in a dating agency before it was all online. Dumping was an adventure especially when you got the dates/people mixed up in your mind. Switching to a second identity was fun too, amazing how many times you met the same people again... but thats a whole lot of other stories and dodging handbags.

      • Paul Bell

        Yes, getting dates or names wrong is lethal, even worse when you get spotted with the wrong person.

      • Rozina

        What interesting wrong number conversations you have Paul! The second someone hears my voice he/she says 'Sorry wrong number' and immediately dumps me.

        • Paul Bell

          Getting dumped is the new dating. lol

        • Goldfinch60

          Many years ago at work my manager answered his 'phone and spoke to someone for fifteen minutes before telling the person they had rung the wrong number.


          • Paul Bell

            No chance of wrong numbers now, unless it's press 3 to get dumped.

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