dusk arising

my first haiku



art of the poet
is not to over blow it
readers will know it


  • Teddy.15

    Indeed less is sometimes more, I adore 5/7/5 because they are challenging, as you have to.pack.it all in the 17 syllables and you have not only done it but you have done it with humour lol 😂 I hope to see more.of these.from you dearest dusk. 💖

    • dusk arising

      It was that dawg in the pictures inspired me. Look at his eyes when the chick bit his tongue LOL.

    • Saxon Crow

      You cut deep bro.

    • Christina8

      Very nice Haiku and cute pictures to boot! Great job!

      • dusk arising

        I'll try anything for a laugh.

      • Michael Edwards

        not that bad is it?
        writing haikus can be fun!
        so why not write more?

        • dusk arising

          I probably will but i'm being told off cos haikus are subject specific apparently.... arithmetic was never my strong point. Until japanese calculators came along, now it's japanese poetry... Ah-so.

          • Michael Edwards

            I write loads but I call them 575s to avoid the purists having a go. Could call them senrykus I suppose.

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          • Rozina

            Excellent job! I think haiku/senryu is difficult because a whole completed message/story has to be packed into 17 syllables as Teddy said. But it can be stunning. Cute pictures too.

            • dusk arising

              I might have to stay with limericks.

            • Goldfinch60

              Haiku - 5/7/5 written about Nature#
              Senryu - 5/7/5 written about emotion
              Goldliku 5/7/5 written by me when not either a haiku or senryu.
              So this one could be a duskiku - a new form of 5/7/5. LOL


              • dusk arising

                Would you settle for a dyslexiku?

              • Paul Bell

                Defo, less is best, and that's just the maths part.

                • dusk arising

                  Less maths suits me fine.

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