dusk arising

an old moan



How often do you hear
us oldies having a moan
about something or other.
Especially about our
aches and pains.
Yes, don't we winge and moan.
But us old buggers
can tell you about
a good number of people
we knew who didnt make it
into this grumbly old state.
Oh I'll grant you that some
of them had become so unwell
that they were probably pleased
to shuffle off this mortal coil.
But most of us I think
are pleased to still be around
and want to be around
a good while longer.
Living into old age
is like a kind of privilege
like being handed
a winning ticket in a lottery
when so many others
didn't get to see the prize.


  • Goldfinch60

    Such true words d a, us old fogies have seen such a great deal in lfe and it only wants us to see more.
    Life is wonderful.


  • Saxon Crow

    Ha. You wait until my poem tomorrow. I wasn't going to publish it but after that reflective piece I have to now. Nicely worded Dusk.

  • jarcher54

    I pledged to myself never to grumble about it... the neuropathy, the eyesight, the loose teeth, the skin splotches, the sciatica, the aching thumb, the twitching eyelid, the heartburn, the ulcer, the itchy spots, the aching arches, the arthritic toe, the A1C, the balding, the tinnitus... everyone says I seem so youthful... but its all a lie. I just wait till I'm alone to moan.

  • Teddy.15

    Wonderful and so true, instead of commiserations on my next birthday, I always think of those who were gone far to early,even my dear mum was.only 64. Thank you Dusk, appreciate being alive is something we should all do even in dark times. 💖

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Well said, dear poet.
    I told my grand children that much of what they study as history, to me was current events.

  • Raven333

    I liked this poem, it was nicely written and told the truth. myself have grunts and groins my daughter and grandchildren make fun. but I am blessed to be in this world.

  • Morwenna

    Absolutely yes. Me and my fellow wrinklies make a timed space for the Organ Recital and then disallow any more of it. Happy to be here, aches and all. More than happy.

  • Poetic Dan

    Boom and there is a fresh hot of the morning, I know of so many ages that didn't get to ride this ride for as long as they should or maybe its all chance!

    Whatever the case, we have to be glad to have ours! Even when the bones start to crumble, this was and is one hell of a rumble....

    Good to see you my friend and thanks again for always keeping it real!
    Much peace and respect

  • kivous

    Wonderful plus I guess you have these years of wisdom to enjoy this good old life wisely 🙂

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