Paul Bell

Shattered Pieces

She looked at the cup on the sink
The solitary cup
Like it was the most important thing in the world
She saw a man, full of promises
She saw another man, devastated
The promises didn’t last
Forgiveness begged
The door closing
She grabbed the cup
Smashing it into pieces
She gazed at the scene
Every piece representing her life
She started to laugh
Anyone watching, thinking
Great joke,
They would be right
She thought to herself.


  • Teddy.15

    Our choices aren't always right ones but here you bring such importance to the emotions we all own. Powerful dear Paul, I could see and hear her laughing. đź’–

    • Paul Bell

      Choices, choices, it's a tough life.

    • spilleronsheet

      Creating the scenes that the higher might write…acting the scenes as the actors stop awhile, noticing the shattered pieces of life that emerged out of choices of life…so true dear Paul…why do I keep resonating so much with your lines….thanks for penning these lines…

      • Paul Bell

        I think we all think the grass is greener at some point.

        • spilleronsheet

          Well I feel like calling the greener grass at my side…

        • Raven333

          I liked your poem, nice how you wrote how she looked at that shattered cup like her life. nicely penned

          • Paul Bell

            I suppose in that instance it was her life.

          • Goldfinch60

            When we make the right choice Paul life can be wonderful.


            • Paul Bell

              It sure can.

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