The Mood

The mood I'm in right now is dark, dark, dark;

It's like violence is about to spark.


I’m about close to doing something bad,

To anyone; that's how I feel -- I'm mad!


Keeping my feelings inside is awful,

But letting it all out becomes fearful.


At least, that's how other people would feel;

For them, seeing how I am is surreal.


I try my best to always be aware,

And not let my negative side be shared.


Nonetheless, trying only goes so far;

At some point, I'll transform into a scar.


The memories from that wouldn’t be good – 

So it’s best to leave me be, if one could.

  • Author: LostLoner (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 27th, 2022 14:59
  • Category: Sad
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  • Raven333

    Awesome poem, could identify. when am mad people need to let me be. loved the rhyme, made it flow great.

  • Crowns4Christ

    Best avoid the trigger than to explode,I'm finally away from mine,my family

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