Love out of time

Love out of time


Every day he’s waits outside the post office in town

If anybody speaks he just greets them with a frown

Looks as though he’s waiting for someone who never shows

He waits there all day until the evening then goes.


One day I got the courage to ask if he’s ok

He just looked right through me until I turned away

Then I heard him speak quietly as I made to leave

He reached out and stopped me by grabbing at my sleeve


He asked me if I’d seen her, he says she’s very late

That he’d arranged to meet her here, so he has to wait

She said she’d be here for him but she’s never there

He begs me to tell her, to make sure she aware


I said I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are waiting for

There’s no-one else I’ve seen, hanging around this store

Are you sure it’s here your meeting, is this the place to go

Who is it your waiting for, is it someone that I know?


He pulled out a sepia photo, the sort our grandpa had

But it looked like it was older, like when grandpa was a lad

You could see that she was lovely, thought the print was faded and torn

One thing was certain, she would have been old before I was born


I realised his clothes were from a bygone age

When cravats and cummerbunds would have been all the rage

He was dressed to go a-courting in a century or more now gone

Somehow lost in time, he waited, to a return to “when” he was from


I promised I would wait, he said. Forever if I must

A promise I must not break, I owe her love and trust

So walk on by, my friend, and wish me well if you can

So I left him that day, a lonely but determined man


And as the years went by, the post office became a store

Then a private house, then a couple of flats or more

But always I would tip my hat at the man waiting there still

And I would marvel at the love that could inspire such strength of will


Then one day he was not there, I stopped and looked around

I realised he was gone and he was nowhere to be found

Perhaps I wondered if time had claimed him and returned him to his own

I prayed he was safe and well, I felt somehow left alone


That night I heard a voice calling out as I slept

My friend he said, my promise has been kept

All these years of waiting, finally I am free

my love, my love, has finally come to be with me


In my sleep I smiled, for even old men like me can care

The sepia lady in a photograph now was real and standing there

Then they waved goodbye and left me, back to their own time and place

And I woke up this morning with a smile upon my face



  • Author: Tallisman (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 3rd, 2022 00:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: Second last of the older poems. I did wonder about reinstating this, it’s a bit long, but you know what? I like it…as always, apologies if you read it the first time around, I don’t mean to make you suffer twice!
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  • Goldfinch60

    What a wonderful write tallisman, I do not say this often but this will go into my favourites.
    Love is so very strong in many lives.


    • tallisman

      Thanks Andy, appreciate that!

    • crypticbard

      Good reinstatement. Sometimes they need to be pulled out of circulation and at a suitable time be reinstated. Well done on this one!

      • tallisman

        Hi cryptichard, thanks!

      • Raven333

        What a delight my friend, As I was reading it was like I was also watching a movie. So well written and descriptive!!!

        • tallisman

          Hi Raven, I am glad you enjoyed it!

          • Raven333

            Very much indeed, I look forward to reading your writes..

          • KRWonder

            What a beautiful story, poignant and so engaging, I really enjoyed this piece, thanks for sharing!

            • tallisman

              Thank you for commenting and reading! Much appreciated!

            • shamrocker ☘️❤️☘️

              Love is powerful Tallisman. My first time reading and I will read it again and again! Never will it get old. Beautiful !

              • tallisman

                Thanks Shamrocker, wonderful comment!

              • Bella Shepard

                This is such a sweet and tender poem of love that is never lost. You have given me a smile for the whole day. Beautiful write!

                • tallisman

                  Than you Bella, a smile is worth a thousand words! Glad you liked it!

                • Accidental Poet

                  A story I can well appreciate tallisman. Very well penned. 👍

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