Kinsey Peterson

My brothers turned 16 today.

They're twins



I had my twin with me today as well

the little ghost in my head

"I should be the one living."


I chased them away-

the words-

one drink after another.


One pill became two

and two- three.


It was my brothers 16th birthday today.

I think I said "Happy Birthday" once.

I cried four times.


How shit is that?

That I spend more time crying than caring about my brothers?



They turned 16 today

and I'm sitting in a dark room alone writing about my feelings

The poems are always about me.


"I should have lived."

"I would tell them 'Happy Birthday.'"


I know, ghost.

I know.


Happy Birthday to the best boys I know.

Stay inseperable.

Stay 16.

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  • jarcher54

    The poems are always about me... what a beautiful painful statement. This little piece is far more moving and less predictable than I expected!

  • Rocky Lagou

    This is such a sobering poem, I feel like I've just been disemboweled. Your words hit aggressively, like a distorted mixture of emotions: envy, melancholy, confusion. I also agree with the person who responded before me, my favorite and most impactful line is "The poems are always about me." There's something about not being able to deviate from writing about the Poet in our heads that's haunting; and I feel like you've perfectly illustrated that with the apparition of the "ghost." I hope things lighten up, you are such a bright light in my storms

    • Kinsey Peterson

      I wish it were only a ghost of my poetry, as that would be much more creative than the loss of my actual twin. Either way, thank you for my kind words.

    • Neville

      I can only imagine the pain you felt and maybe still feel that served to inspire these finely lacquered words .. they are indeed raw, ragged and real .. the way fine and dark poetry must always be ..

      Neville 🖤

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