An Ego That Wouldn’t Relent

Oscar Auliq-Ice

Once I walked with head held high,
Convinced I knew what life meant,
I held fast to all my beliefs,
With an ego that wouldn't relent.

But then came a moment,
That changed everything inside,
A realization struck me hard,
And with it, my old self died.

I saw the world in a new light,
One that I had never known,
And suddenly all that I believed,
Felt foreign and overblown.

I felt a shift in my heart,
As if it were breaking apart,
And in that moment of pain,
I knew a new start.

For though I'd lost my bearings,
And my ego was brought low,
I saw the world in a new way,
And my heart began to grow.

I learned to listen to others,
To accept their thoughts and fears,
And in that newfound empathy,
I found a way to truly care.

So though I may have lost my way,
And my heart was torn apart,
I found a new beginning,
With a change of heart.


  • Dr. Shailesh Gupta Veer

    Beautifully crafted. An inspirational example.

  • Bobby O

    It was so much fun I reread it immediately. Nice job to move through self renewal/realization commanding importance w only the tool of simple and direct phrase never tempted to pander or fabricate self importance w disingenuous pomposity.

  • David Wakeling

    Good for you.Certainly a positive message here

  • Iva Hotko

    Things that make us gain a different eyes ... Beautifully written 🙂

  • Accidental Poet

    Always good to reexamine your view on life and make adjustments where you feel you need to. Very well written. 👍

  • Rocky Lagou

    I love the rhymes. The message is so pertinent.

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