Bobby O

Confusion steered,  stole my will to live
Ignorance blocked positive 
Summon strength to give

Once again request friends to forgive 
Broken trust cumulative
Summon strength to give

Hubris shed, second chance to relive
Eliminate sensitive
Summon strength to give
Bobby O

  • Author: Bobby O (Online Online)
  • Published: May 5th, 2023 00:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: A format ; three stanza w five lines w diminished syllables 9, 7, 5, 3,1 w the third and fourth line the same in each stanza and the fifth line to rhyme w the other fifth lines. It was for a contest. FYI: I didn’t win
  • Category: Surrealist
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  • Fay Slimm.

    Win or not that writing contest I enjoyed the format and the message within. Second chances are sometimes there to be taken Thanks for sharing it Bobby

  • Bobby O

    Cool. It was the challenge to be able submit within the format and I was ok with my result. There’s another piece that required a certain meaty length w format called
    EXTREME ALLITERATION that really twisted me up before I achieved staying within the rule. Every word had to start w the same Letter in a piece that moved w lines supporting a point of view. It’s titled PERHAPS. , within my list of poems should you be curious.

  • Neville

    Get outa here, how could you not .. I have myself neva dared to take on board such a complex formal literary feat .. I know a decent hit man tho' if you wanna bring out a grievance .......... Nice one sir .. N 🙂

  • Rocky Lagou

    Wow this was extraordinary. I swear poetry competitions are some of the heated competitions to ever exist, it's like everyone glares at each other with crazy eyes, lol. This is legendary, though, and the form is so intriguing...does the form have a name, or did you invent it?

  • Bobby O

    I certainly did not invent it. I believe it was a format under the broader category
    DIMINISHED HEXAVERSE it’s cool that it perks interest , was a new experience for me . Even harder for me was format
    EXTREME ALLITERATION. Had to be a certain length (??) and tell a story and EVERY WORD had to start w same letter.
    I barely squeezed a finished poem seconds before the 25 minute(?) clock ran out. Check it out It’s titled PERHAPS , it on my poems list here.

  • hzugman

    Nice work, Bobby.

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