Celsius Rising


Celsius Rising


At first she

thought he was


and drew him

in bright

yellow crayon

sat next to the sun ..


for a moment

or two

he burnt brightly ..

Before he

became invisible,

to her

and to everyone ..



  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 16th, 2023 03:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: I shall let these words speak for themselves ..
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 20
  • Users favorite of this poem: Accidental Poet, L. B. Mek.
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  • Bobby O

    I’m still mulling the β€œinvisible β€œ but as I always I love the sashay of the phrase

    • Neville

      there are those who might call it magic or fantasy .. but both me and my pen prefer to call it poetic license .. thanks again for your interest Sir O

      • Bobby O

        I’m the best use of the word
        You sir , are a Monster!!

      • orchidee

        The temperature never rises for KP and I. It's always sub-zero! heehee.

        • Neville

          ...................................... Cool 🐧

          • orchidee

            Yes, it is cool, and more! lol.

          • Christina8

            What a beautiful write.....C

            • Neville

              How kind thou art C .. and how muchly appreciated too my fine purple decked friend πŸ’œ

            • arqios

              Too bright like a flash blinding brilliance.

              • Neville

                yep, nowt left of him but a few little puddles of yellow gradually cooling in the gutter ...

              • Fay Slimm.

                Gurt stuff agen Nev. -Am feeling the boiling point of this short-lived affair - - Made my temperature rise to think of that golden haired Adonis being crayon portrayed in the sun before he made himself scarcer than scarce............x

                • Neville

                  thanks bigly our Fay .. it was hot here too, I almost melted myself on the way to the office earlier πŸ™‚

                • Mottakeenur Rehman

                  "Celsius Rising" is a brief yet intriguing poem that captures the initial fascination and subsequent disillusionment experienced by the speaker towards an individual.

                  • Neville

                    You ought to be able to make a living out of writing reviews .. thanks ever so Mott

                  • MendedFences27

                    Somehow, I felt sorry for the yellow man of her artwork, short-lived from the heat of the experience. Yet. we know that it happens.
                    Your poem draws a picture of a romance that burned with an overpowering heat. The now, "Invisible Man" must gather the strength to move on, and avoid "crayon" artists. - Phil A.

                    • Neville

                      Ha, cheers my friend .. am glad this didn't rhyme otherwise I might be accused of waxing lyrical .. πŸ™‚

                    • Accidental Poet

                      Great words N. πŸ‘

                      • Neville

                        that'll do nicely my friend, ever so nicely indeed .. πŸ‘

                      • Bella Shepard

                        The cloak of invisibility can sometimes be a blessing, perhaps a bullit dodged? One never knows. Intriguing write dear friend, I guess I took a little interpretive license here.

                        • Neville

                          I used to read those Marvel comics too my lovely friend .. and you are so write that cloak can sure come in handy sometimes .. or in my case, often πŸ™‚

                        • Goldfinch60

                          May that light shine and the shadow move onto a new life.


                          • Neville

                            ............ now wouldn't that be lovely .. cheers Andy πŸ™‚

                          • L. B. Mek

                            (careful, as
                            in that volcano eruption
                            of instant
                            escapist, sensual gratification
                            is a promise
                            of lava, proximity decimation
                            if unprepared
                            we'll toil, in scolding consequence
                            best, maybe
                            to thread carefully, step carefully
                            never blind lunges
                            unless we are ready, to dissolve
                            that volcanic ash
                            as an ingredient, in our evolution's
                            fertilising experiences...)

                            • Neville

                              I am overcome ... many thanks again my friend .. Neville

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