his temper


i was supposed to suck it up,

to save face. He left me no choice as

the bruises had spread to my face. 


he lashed out, screamed at me until i was faced

with his fury. I can't remember the countless times,

where i felt fear.

he would convince me with his many lines that he 

loved me still & always will.


in my head, i knew i was captured, a prisoner, 

held, secured in place to soothe his rage.

a year went by & i was trapped still.

his temper when lit, raged a ragged double sided blade 

for anyone in the way.


countless tears i cried.

no one seemed to listen.

no hand was extended, no aid came & no matter what

i was always to blame.


his temper flared as he drank

tonight i'll suffer the wrath of his hate. 


spring arrived & i was able to leave &

i finally got away & added the much needed distance

from him & i.


he spouted words & i felt his malice from afar,

relief flooded me knowing he couldn't

touch me anymore. 

  • Author: lisztmsv (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 21st, 2023 07:08
  • Comment from author about the poem: I classified this as a short story. When I moved to another state I moved in with my ex-boyfriend at the time. This poem is a recollection of what my feelings were for a 1 1/2. It barely touched the surface. It was hard to heal from this one and I still am. I expected something different after my first was just as abusive. It was hard to write this but I'm trying to get over the fact that this happened and it's okay. This poem/short story is more of accepting that bad things happened to me & for anyone else who needs this, you possess strength. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this entry. I appreciate you all.
  • Category: Short story
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  • Bobby O

    Read it twice and felt it deeply. Knowing this tome captures but a smidgeon fills me w an ire. I will not attempt to share w you words that already sound trite in my mind. So I just say I HATE loudly the cowards who inflict and pray softly that my best thoughts for you gain confident foothold and that your bravery to share emboldens and touches you and others in a most humane way.
    And, I liked the write, enjoyed the style, Twas a good read.

    • lisztmsv

      Thank you so much for your kind & poetic words. I hope you can believe when I say that they have filled me with a confidence that I thought was long lost. I deeply appreciate the time you took to read my entry. Absolutely love all the positive feedback.

      • Bobby O

        Dig that! If you like hip hop, please check out my piece titled Thelonius Reborn as the Dee Oh Double G. It’s also on video. Give a watch and share your impression ? Would appreciate much.


      • JasmineUK

        Rage, rage against your man-chine,
        Search to find your inner Hulk green,
        And the strength to say Fuck That Scene!

        • lisztmsv

          Thank you so much, it's taken long to realize that strength is something I possess. I'm grateful to say that I can stand taller than before. Thank you again for your strong words of conviction.

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