Notice of absence from LIZ

We had one dance; time simply stood by. No apologies necessary; it was what it was. You and I under the sun, watching ants walk along; and who would have thought, I would enjoy it that much? 


It wasn't your poems, but intellect and charm. What a pair you and I! But admit it, so fun! And although it was brief, I have to admit, you've opened my eyes to things I had missed. Introduction to nature; connecting to life; I'll never forget; you're stuck to my heart. 


If you only knew; I am so proud of you. Get out there, keep living; I'm clapping for you. You deserve the whole moon; I believe that for you; and I'm hoping one day, your eyes see it too. 


If we do meet again, I'll buy you some tea; in the meantime, my friend, fly high, be free!  



  • Author: LKA (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 14th, 2023 00:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: To a friend...you touched my soul; what can I say…no regrets corazon! Siempre estare agradecida, por nuestro tiempo juntos!
  • Category: Friendship
  • Views: 22
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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    ‘ you deserve the whole moon ‘. Beautiful line

    Lovely writing with so much care In your words

  • LIZ

    Thank you very much!!! 💐 🌹

  • Teddy.15

    A butterfly moment for sure, beautifully expressed dear Liz, sometimes a moment can simply last forever. 💖

  • LIZ

    Ah! A butterfly moment! I love that! Those special moments are so rare! But, yes, they can last forever! Thank you kindly ❤️

  • L. B. Mek

    letting go, can
    be a graduation of love
    as well
    as tears in our heart..
    so i relate, and am jealous
    of those that got to call you a friend
    a beautiful song, passion
    in-sync with your poetry's vulnerable
    (what a reading treat
    to partake in your poetic delicacies
    these morning, enjoyed every one
    hope you have a lovely weekend)

    • LIZ

      Your words do something to me! I'm so grateful for your input! "A graduation of love" I like the sound of that!--just one tear this time, I promise!-- I'm honored you stopped by! You're very much appreciated!!

    • Bobby O

      Attaching meaning to what might be a padding incident ti some Tesky defines a heightened sense of the now and convinces that you appreciate splendor found through any travel and blesses that fact of your cherished path. You go Girl!

      • LIZ

        There's always something to learn, with each encounter! Thank you very much! 🙏

      • Neville

        and there was me thinking you had forgotten all about me .. (that's a joke, right) ..
        Nevertheless, you have a way of making me feel kind of jealous ..

        Oh' what it must be, to be so soul touched ..

        Regards to you soul, your heart and your pen LIZ .. 💙

        • LIZ

          Now, how could I forget about you? 😁
          AND...are you sure you want to be able to feel EVERYTHING? Mmmmm...it can be a lot. Thank you for your kindness! Regards to you!! 💙

          • Neville

            sometimes you just have to suck it and see .. I just did and it tasted so good .. regards well n truly reciprocated 💙

          • Garth Rakumakoe

            These words give freely out of an overflowing heart. Though the tinge that of a letting go, it lets go of a love well cherished and a soul loved beyond romance. A friendship. The kind of tear shed with a smile, this one is.... - Vividly painted... Respect to you.

            • LIZ

              Ah yes, you got the full message! Letting go is painful, but when the tears are shed with a smile, it creates a beautiful memory! Thank you very much!!

            • Goldfinch60

              Friends are so important in our lives Liz.

              No sugar in my tea thank you. LOL


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