Notice of absence from LIZ

A delusion of optical perception; if you saw who I am, then there is no question. It's not my problem what you chose to believe. You don't really know me, your mind's playing tricks.


You know what they say, don't accept what you see; there's a lot more truth behind what you've seen. l could tell you, but my tongue won't speak; you can say it; you think I'm a witch. If it helps you; accept what you need; it won't change the past, or the things perceived.


I can admit it, I don't get your drift. But don't pretend you know me, you just got a peek. I'm diverse baby, and my roots are deep, watered by the sweat of the things I've lived. 


Illusions can blind you, and mess with your mind, but still, at the end, you'll see what you want. 



  • Author: LKA (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 21st, 2023 00:17
  • Comment from author about the poem: PERCEPTION
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Neville

    I just love it when a woman shows she has hidden depths ..

    a very insightful post today LIZ and on a topic very dear to me .. Neville

    • LIZ

      Thank you very much Neville! ❤️ I appreciate you!

    • orchidee

      I knows you, don't I? Or maybe not. lol.

      • LIZ

        Mmmm maybe a little lol 😆

        • orchidee

          I thought I did know ya. Who are ya? lol.

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        • Bobby O

          Easy to believe you are all that and more. I’ve been lucky cuz I’ve never had to “own”. A privileged visit is lifelong enriching muck like that Gale Garnett song.
          “ We sang in the sunshine
          You know we laughed every day
          We sang in the sunshine
          Then you went on you way”

          • LIZ

            Thank you so much ❤️ AND 🎶 I'll sing to you each morning, I'll kiss you every night, but darlin', don't cling to me,
            I'll soon be out of sight 🎶 very nice!!

            • Bobby O

              Exact. That girl for me was named Ursula. I’m still in disbelief.

            • L. B. Mek

              that's my 'get over it'
              rock my head
              till i forget, song
              we in-sync, dancing
              till we can't breathe
              perception, indeed
              as mostly, it is ourselves that lets
              those toxic influences linger
              when we can just 'shake it off'
              and move on
              just as quickly as we forget their names
              we just have to choose, us
              and proactively work towards
              enjoying our precious, life
              (tell your enemies
              you got people who've got your back
              that do poetic voodoo
              so they better not mess around
              before they catch a debilitating
              metaphor, to their thought's
              yeah! they best be scared
              hope you have a lovely weekend
              cherished friend
              whoosah! your week's debris
              let all the bull sht, drift
              with the passing wind
              (no, not a fart
              a gust of wind..
              that's so unlady like
              i tried to gift you a smile
              I'll settle for a smirk
              or even a knowing wink

            • LIZ

              Ayyyyyy I'm laughing alright! 😆 thank you for that!!! And that's my "get off my face" song!!! 🤣 "tell your enemies
              you got people who've got your back
              that do poetic voodoo so they better not mess around before they catch a debilitating metaphor, to their thought's
              throat!" UFFFFFF People have no idea! We don't play!! You're right though, we must choose ourselves every time!! So yes, I'm letting all the bulls*** drift with the wind LOL! Have an awesome weekend! Whoosah!!!!

            • Goldfinch60

              True words Liz, people see what they want but I am sure that I would see the good in you as I do with most people.


              • LIZ

                Thank you Andy! ❤️ As an empath I always see the good. But I like getting to know people deeply...that's where the truth is!!

              • Pop64

                My daughter, at a very young age, once said, "you can't judge a cupcake by the icing". This reminds me of that. People perceive, oftentimes judge, based on an impression. They truly don't know a person without letting themselves be known. Just not possible. sorry for going on, a very thought provoking, true write.

              • LIZ

                I love that! And so true! We have so many layers, and a lot of us are deep! Thank you for this!

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