Blessed to Share

Bobby O

Blessed to Share
Unpredictably and driven by grace unbeknownst to me
I challenged the gods of serendipity by chasing truth unselfishly 
Good Souls of honor who sought not personal glory             gathered with purposed thought 
A true and blue American story 
Trailers of food and shelters built 
Doctors donated meds and healing skills 
A clothing drive also fills gladdened hearts 
Downtrodden now Unforgotten with tools for brand new start
Tear filled eyes amidst newly found smiles accentuated this day worthwhile
Splendid Aura that exceeded our aim 
A blessed Reward more than all could claim 
Praying impulse to Share 
Be not quite so Rare.                 Joy full cries filled the air           This day of hope and less despair  Bobby O



  • Author: Bobby O (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 17th, 2023 20:08
  • Comment from author about the poem: Giving back this weekend
  • Category: Love
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  • David Wakeling

    Wonderful writing.I always enjoy good writng.Great picture as well.

    • Bobby O

      Very much appreciate you words. Feeling a kinship toward your skills as a writer and the grace yiu show w attentive response to work of others. Many props

    • sorenbarrett

      Giving is what is most missed in today's world. A beautiful thought and well written.

      • Bobby O

        Thank you much.

      • jarcher54

        The older I get (and I'm now 69), the more important sharing becomes. I am so extended with people relying on me, but being there for them is the most important thing in my little life.

        • Bobby O

          You’re to be congratulated as putting others first is the greatest act.

        • Introverted Sage

          'Praying impulse to Share
          Be not quite so Rare'
          Great write!
          It's such a beautiful thing to be able to give back.
          Thanks for sharing!

        • Bobby O

          Your kind expressions belie your introverted persona

        • Saxon Crow

          A beautiful poem about a very true purpose. Giving is all we've got.

          • Bobby O

            Thanks for the read and kind words. Your sentiment is exact

          • Neville

            it seems we are both well n truly blessed .. and my word, what a fine picture you make together .. Neville

          • LIZ

            This is so beautiful!!! 😍 What a gift!

            • Bobby O

              You’re very nice. How’s your list?

              • LIZ

                I'm still on 'keep your worries"....

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              • Garth Rakumakoe

                We are blessed to be blessings. A poem that captures the message in its own write!

                • Bobby O

                  Kind words. I’m grateful. It’s an easy subject as emotions surface due to compelling subject matter

                • Parisab

                  Special in its steadfast and emotive way… I ought to fave its ‘I challenged the gods of serendipity by chasing truth unselfishly’

                • Michael D

                  How can you call yourself a poet. Your rambling bullshit sucks. Come on really. Get a rope and find a tree.

                  • Bobby O

                    There are 11 very positive reviews for you to read w the only dissenter being you. Snd let me tell you , in person you wouldn’t dare address me with that low class bullshit. You’re a coward who’s a baby and you’re all alone on what you say. I’d love a chance to reach you the lesson of respect. Stay the fuck off my stuff. Cowardly Motherfucker thst I would bake cry and beg. You GET THAT ASSHOLE. YIURE A LOW CLASS COWARD

                  • vividvoid14

                    you have a handsome grandchild im happy for you and i love the poem

                    • Bobby O

                      Dig that!!!

                    • Thomas W Case

                      Beautiful. Great flow and use of language. Wonderful picture too.

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