Once Upon Her Night Scented Garden 


Once Upon Her Night Scented Garden 


some time

during the night,

I quit kicking

dead leaves

and threw away

my secateurs ..

that was

not long before

I stumbled

upon those old

red brick steps ..

all eight of them

if my memory

serves correctly ..

and those,

which then led

to your most

secret of gardens ..

long before

that is, the pink

those gold

and the cream

anemones ..

together with

the topiary bay

and a sweet

night scented


all got together

and held me

as their hostage ..





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  • Doggerel Dave

    I'm going to move aside and give other's room to let their imagination fly....as I'm not sure I have the capacity, Neville.......

    • Neville

      ... how very kind of you Dave

    • Bobby O

      So, I asked Siri about secateurs and got nothing. I changed her accent in settings and then SIRI tells me Garden Shears. Gotta get me an Oxford I guess and then I see that Jasmine held you hostage but then I see flowers. Do I started again with a fresh Mi n d abd I really like it. BTW- I had Jasmine pictured like Halle Berry.

      • Neville

        cor blimey guv'nor you do get around ..

      • 2781

        I am with Dave, ambiguous

        • Neville

          funny that, I can write with both hands too

          • 2781


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          • orchidee

            A flowery write N. I might swoon in one interpretation of it! lol.

            • Neville

              thanks for daring to take a peek

              • orchidee

                Now Fido consoles me - he says this is all about flowers, perfumes, gardens with grass, that sort of thing - nothing of 'excitement' for me, he says! 😁😊

              • orchidee

                Now a terrible joke - just call me Ambi - Mr Dextrous. Or Bambi - I'm a Guinea Pig Dude (GPD) as one poet says! Doh!

              • MendedFences27

                If you wander into the orchard, don't go picking any apples.
                Try to keep this floral arrangement well-watered and fed.
                The metaphor teases the mind. It drives the illusion, or should I say allusion. This is a classic. - Phil A.

                • Neville

                  Thank you so much Phil.. very much appreciated sir .. Neville

                • Bella Shepard

                  Beautiful poem that stirs beautiful images. Such a wonderful allusion to treasured memories dear friend.

                  • Neville

                    thank you Bella a very much appreciated visit as always .. Neville

                  • Parisab

                    ‘Her night scented garden’ captivated your memory with painstaking detail…You’re giving us directions to a destination so very personal…

                    • Neville

                      you have the eyes of a beautiful sky hungry falcon and can see write through me .. or so it seems ..

                      • Parisab

                        So kind and generous are your sentiments and words, Neville …

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Being that hostage sounds a wonderful place to be Neville.


                        • Neville

                          it sure was while it lasted Andy .. thanks for taking a peek sir ..

                        • Dove

                          A beautiful piece to sway my heart. The smells of flowers permeate through my senses, my eyes can imagine the beauty before you. .. Awesome job. Hope your vision is better

                          • Neville

                            Aww Dove, thank you so much .. I want you to come back to me & stay awhile .. I want you to lay my eggs & for us to grow old together 🤍x

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