Bobby O


Delivering his eulogy had me shaking to my core, the crowded church , they all cried with me as most knew he was my mentor  A Legacy of Intimacy stamped into minds this one time demands and deserves nearly perfect salutation 
Feeling  honored  knowing this formidable task is exempt from replication. Pressure described with accentuation as I read from my page. White knuckles brought pain, gained from a too tightly gripped podium. The domino tipped and my oscillating mind tripped into pandemonium. 
No longer a confident convener, now escorted by trepidation usurper of my once calm demeanor Tasting tactile chaos and shame escorted by lurking shadow of lost rapport while fear ruled my attempts to claim 
the gaze of mourners eyes. One voice rang and all did rise “ just share with us how much you loved this man “. The gifted strength  from the gathered throng 
A new plan formed , my voice was strong 
I spoke from my heart and shared while folding pages of the speech prepared 
My stories brought laughs and smiles and exhilaration. It became a dance of joy and am certain  all will forever cherish this most meaningful conversation.  
Bobby O





  • Author: Bobby O (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 31st, 2023 19:54
  • Comment from author about the poem: This man while teaching me how to listen to jazz crafted his lessons to teach me all about life. He will be greatly missed.
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  • Parisab

    Bagpipes, how cool! Sorry for your loss, I am sure that your words hit all the correct notes…

  • Bobby O

    Thanks. Duke was only one of two known to play the Jazz bagpipes. He treated the leather so that it would hold sound and altered the mouthpiece so he could create unique sound. It’s on the posted video. Btw, he was also a master of the alto, soprano, and tenor sax. He taught me to listen to delineate style and artists. It was in credible.

  • LIZ

    Beautiful tribute! I'm sorry for your loss. Keep the memories alive! ❤️

  • Neville

    a most moving and fitting tribute Bobby .. I too, am truly sorry for your loss sir ..

    I am no longer a jazz bagpipe virgin and my ears are both smiling 🎶🎶🎵🎶

  • Bobby O


  • peto

    As a scot I've always admired the pipes and drums
    The magic created from the most awkward of instruments is astounding
    I've also had the honour of your podium position so know that beginning only too well
    A marvellous tribute to Duke
    Great to see you return

    And in such a poignant way
    Total respect

  • Bobby O

    Hard to beat that many thanks and much appreciation for your words and friendship

  • Introverted Sage

    Such a beautiful write!
    From the heart always wins.
    May the memories of your great friend remind you of who you are!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ... and the music in the background while I was reading and commenting... choice

  • Bobby O

    That made me smile. Jazz bagpipes. Who knew?

  • vividvoid14

    yaḱnow i consider u my mentor

  • Bobby O

    I accept but you might conff so under having a few as no one person fills in all gaps b
    Pick a published poet with some notoriety and pay attention to Subject/ verb in the phrasing and then count the personal pronouns. You’re swimming against the tide when I shared advice I got from and thru reading the masters. IMO that should have been fixed in less than one day but it’s a month later and yiur still in that rut. That is the definition if all talk no action much like the man who swears he be wants to lose weight but ests a dozen donuts everdsy. When that guy s asks you for diet or weight loss advice. You just gonna ignore me at some point because it’s silly.

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