Neither friend or enemy but rebalance to harmony

Poetic Dan

I am not OK and haven't been for some time but hide it well behind each moment I shine 


A service in helping others is second to none, yet within our own being do we do enough for us. 


My worthiness most of my life was dictated by others, by the time I took control doubt was embedded into the subconscious. 


The true power behind environmental conditioning is as complex as it gets, for the moment anytime the nervous system is stimulated and the signal is sent to the brain. Everything and one around it becomes associated with the feeling, the emotional rush that could be anything that it interpreted. Even if that wasn't the intention of the response you were trying to get, you can't mess with the individual belief system they are every beings survival kit. 


I've climbed and conquered many things, turned dreams into reality time and time again. This journey is mine as we each have our own and in the true spirit of following my heart, I need to find my way back home. 


Where each moment I am grateful for all the lessons and the pain, any shadows that remain are left behind within the lighthouse of the family I gained. 


Never have I given up or not stood up to my every word. This is not about quitting but more when to rebalance, in order to keep all that I've earned.


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  • Published: September 18th, 2023 00:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have survived my 72hours and for the first time truly learnt that trust comes when it comes and not a moment before. I have never not taken on a job but now understand that it can't carry on, I must put myself first for the sake of my whole. Thank you again to those that left me words of encouragement, it helped a much as you intended and softened my heart again! Much peace and respect.
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  • Goldfinch60

    You have moved on Dan, certainly over the years that I have known you and you will have your good life in front of you.


    • Poetic Dan

      I shall keep your spirit in my view and know that it is and always will be whatever I choose!

    • Christina8

      It's so true that one's self worth can be dictated by others, as you wrote Dan, quite sad too. Wonderful write, much peace and respect to you!

      • Poetic Dan

        Life is definitely not an easy journey but at least we get to interact with so many wonderful souls.
        Thank you my friend! Many we all find our own self worth
        Have a splendid week, much peace and respect

      • Maxine Smith

        Ah Dan. I am truly sorry of your pain
        Yes it okay not to be okay, even embrace it for a little. Feel what you need to feel then you get back up and you start each new day.
        Realising your own self worth is always the most difficult, now you realise it live by it.
        You can only be your true happy self if you know you deserve it.

        And you do

        Keep writing it all out if your head and your heart and starting a new

        You got this

        • Poetic Dan

          Yes my friend it shall be fully embraced as the uncontrollable tears I sent through yesterday showed me that I need to rest my pace. This won't be easy as many I know depend on me but that is the point, I have to truly feel it in myself not just because others do.

          Your authentically wonderful soul never fails to shine knowing there's experience behind your words.

        • L. B. Mek

          gained by facing obstacles
          not by hiding
          and pretending a fence
          we cling to
          is the balance, in our life..
          Happy 73rd hour of Evolution
          may all your climbs be just as rewarding
          'stay' strong, dear Poet kin

          • Poetic Dan

            Equilibrium what a beautiful word. Its that just like you turning up to help blow out my candles of my mental survival?
            If so then I think I get it but if not then I still prefer to make this up as I go alone!
            When I was young to was about fences but now I've grown and understand! Everyday is a walk on a tightrope, that needs conviction when it each step lands.
            Forever the inspiration! My main man

            • L. B. Mek

              Always a vibe, when we're vibing brother
              ink Strong!

            • BlessedbyGod

              You and your well being and mental health and state of mind comes first my dear friend,healing takes time and patience and ALOT of energy, but you will get there Dan,
              As we get older we realize how difficult things really are ,and the toll stress takes on the mind and body ,
              Take your time and take it slow, you got this

              • Poetic Dan

                Your support is like the shining North star! Thank you my friend

                • BlessedbyGod

                  Aww thank you Dan, it means so much

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