My oh my


My oh my, 

I was just thinking of how time goes by,

Oh so quickly, it flees

With the changing of seasons and colors of the trees,

It seems like just yesterday when I arrived in this world

But 41 years went by in a eventful twirl,

Pain heartache, happiness and life,

It can all cut you through quickly like the blade of a knife,

Sharp edges piercing the skin,

Making you bleed and then heal again,

Life has a way of eating you up,

Like the broken edge of a chipped coffee cup,

Maybe you will get pricked maybe you won't,

Sometimes we think we know, but really don't,

Then reality has a way of setting you straight,

Will it be happiness or pain, will it come too late?

My oh my, time really flies,

We have happy unions and painful goodbyes,

But it's all a part of life, and we must keep pressing on,

Love and happiness will find you, with the coming of dawn!

Keep your chin up and be ever so persistent,

Because you got this, and and are very resilient,

Keep your eyes on God, He will see you through,

Don't ever give up, He has plans for you!


  • Author: BlessedbyGod (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 3rd, 2024 13:44
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is for anyone who feels like giving up, This is for anyone who feels like they are alone and not going anywhere, This is for you, you know who you are, Keep God's word in your heart, I still believe in you and know you will go very far! You will always have my full support, whether you know it or not! See you all in Heaven someday! Love ya
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  • Neilton

    What a beautiful proem!! With a great meaning!!

    • BlessedbyGod

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it

    • Goldfinch60

      Good words Melissa but as you know I will never give up as my long life has been wonderful and will be into the future.


    • orchidee

      All those years (so far) you checked the time on your watch! You knows. lol.

    • BlessedbyGod

      I watch the time go by and so much has happened, good and bad, but I keep moving forward! I ask myself all the time, where did the time go,

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

      Wow awesomely rhymed poem on how life and time flies by us all, motivating and fab vocab choices ! Kudos!

      Plz also read and comment my newest poem too.

      • BlessedbyGod

        Thank you!! I definitely will my dear friend

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