Left Behind

Mason Vollman

I stand here now,
Helpless and bowed.
Between the veil of hell,
And the gates of gold,
My feet no longer carry me,
From where I last fell,
I've been left behind through the tribulation,
Will I live to tell?
From where I stand,
Is a burden undefined,
Where good and evil are grand,
And love and hate entwined.
I've been showered on, hail and fire,
But I'd rather die like a man than live like a coward.
The good have run,
From the dark sky,
You can't see the sun,
Smoke fills the sky,
And infests my lungs.
The veils been torn,
demons unleashed,
Haunting and torturing, us and the creatures.
May I speak a speech of bravery?
The land and sky growing blankly,
Man and women wavering,
The days are now shorter,
Pains now longer,
From where I stand now,
I'm helplessly cornered.
I'm only alive,
For as long as I can thrive,
The way things are going,
Only the strong survive.
We are all blind,
Daylights now night,
And we'll die trying,
Confusion and fear is now binding,
Through all these lies,
We are lost beyond finding.
I've been left behind,
While the others continue flying,
To the gates of glory,
Beyond the end of the story,
But I've been left behind,
Trying to find my way in the fight,
Blind without sight.
To confront the question,
In which I stand,
Left Behind,
Unlike all mankind.
I stand here now,
Helpless and bowed,
Between the veil of hell,
And the gates of gold,
My feet no longer carry me,
From where I last fell,
I've been left behind through the tribulation,
Will I live to tell?
It's a 50/50 chance,
As I take a glance,
Left and right,
50% chance death,
50% chance life.

I'll take the chance draw the straw
A flip of the coin heads or tails
in all this there is a flaw
God help me if all fails

Do I have the faith
To ride the serpent wave
To the golden shores
As the animal roars?
As the iron melts
And the atoms yelp?

From where I stand , I do not want to be left behind,
If I could I would look back on my choices and hit rewind,
Make a different choice or a better decision,
Maybe I wouldn’t have to question this division,
Will I be saved or will I be left behind to die,
Looking back on my life I can’t help but question why,
Why you have forgiven me when I didn’t deserve it,
Why you love me when I have destroyed my soul but by but,
I haven’t worshipped you as I should have done,
But yet , you assure me that I have won,
The moment I gave my soul to you,
You have erased everything bad I do,
Lord thank you for the rapture and redemption ,
Thank you for helping me resist temptation,
Thank you for hitting rewind,
I’m comforted in the knowledge I will not be left behind

Well, this fusion poem is different. It’s got a company of large ab band mates of wagon train. They can keep everything near in file and I’m looking at the pole and I see that he stands. It has Care and I’m wondering where we can go and where we can we go there can we go near? Can we go fire? Can I add ideas to streaming from my mind to this page? I’m not bothered with a pencil and I’m getting too old at this age. I’m trying to Text my memory. Try to keep these words flowing just wrote yeah feline in this sucker and I’m trying to tell you is the best best time I had all week and now I owe the invite the invitation the theme somehow eluded me I kept reading about site and blind and I was light and find and those words are nice and they rhyme nice and easy I looked in the sus And the 7000 easy Peezy so I’m gonna go somewhere else and try to get the odd rhyme that’s different. I’m trying to find something that for two cents that you bought and if I try to get the words together, the show will be the way that the concepts move into the frame. I’m a tell you the truth you gotta be on the top of your game so here I’m gonna start again with an idea like I’m on the wheel of Ferris and I’m looking at the way I can tribute and , there’s no battle here so OK I’m signing out and I think this time it was mediocre but I’ll try again next time if I’m lucky to be invited and I’m gonna drop you around next time I’ll get you excited thanks for everything

Still I wonder,
which path to take?
Thoughts through my brain,
How much more of this can I contain?
What once feels like a nightmare,
Now is simply a choice,
better or worse?
onward or backward?
Slowly I lift my foot,
Ready to choose

The Autumn leaves are gathering at my feet,
Have I the courage to kick them like a kid.
Could I lay down and cover myself in leaves.
The Rain is washing them down the street,
I live regretting the things I never did,
My Life is just the nightmare of what one man believes.
Was I bold enough for my own destiny,
Or did I cower at the Rising of the full Moon,
And fail at every hurdle and every dream.
I look back at the bare tree in misery,
And weep that the Winter will be here soon,
And I will have another chance to scream.

….My delusions aren’t exclusions, nor are they exclusive to me, many have fallen due to the same internal mystery, a series of lessons is our history, from Hunchbacks of Norte Dame to Popes who deservedly was defamed, although truth is our aim, the road splits into two, but somehow nothing has changed.

Choices and consequences be held, or maybe damned
if nothing is to change, why should I?
but maybe I could learn? maybe I could rewrite
maybe I could be the winner this time
maybe history would be kind to me
maybe they will call me a believer
if I choose to stand for something
even if I end up falling,
maybe I will be remembered,
for at least believing

I stand here now with my head bowed in shame
Restless as the waters, with no resting place
I stand here now with my feet buried in the sand
Blinded by the terror that the night has.
Guilt is a great demon overtaking me
Torturing me in every ramification
I lay here now with my body in death
Soulless as the man in the grave
I lay here now with my feet bound
For I will have no peace till I turn to His grace.

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    Come now, let us reason together, choose wisely, and the future is better.

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