You know that it meant so much
I just wanted to feel your touch
But you always seemed so kind
I wish I could’ve read your mind
Why did you turn against what we wanted?
Now it’s you that will be forever haunted

It may take me a thousand years
But I will make sure that it sears
I will make sure that it leaves a scar
And I may take it way too far
You want to go back to how it was
You cursed me without a cause

You couldn’t even feel my touch
I never even meant that much
Closest to you and still, I was hurt
We were in love, but still you revert
Revenge is mine to take
It is you, I now forsake


  • linkzelda106

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  • lulu

    oooh nice poem but it's really sad keep working this hard :P

  • linkzelda106


  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    This is very goooood!!!
    give us more...come on!
    you're good

  • blackrage

    hot blood

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