love u

i know i love u but will u ?!!

just cant u tell me i love u 2

we used 2 live together 4 ever we thought

now ur gone i dont have a thought

u used 2 tell me i love u but i didn't believe

now ur gone how can i succeed

 i have nothin more 2 say i guess u know

that's it i have go....



  • blackrage


  • lulu

    first of all thanks but what cool is that when u rate 3/10 ohhhh god it's my first 1 4 god saake

  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    Having the guts to publish the first one ...takes a lot...
    and you did it!!!
    show some more of your good talent!
    give us more

  • Kri2arch

    Thumbs up for u dear...u r a great poet!

  • lulu

    Thanks u all 4 these words that made me feel so happy but also am writing arabic poems but i dont know if u know arabic poems or know the arabic language but if u do tell me so i can publish them :P cheers u all take care :D

  • Huzaidi Hashim

    A very expressive poem. You have a gift that is rare and beautiful. Your poem gave me the impression that you are still very young. Youth present many challenges not just to the young, but also to those who care for you. My poem 'Raging Youth' expresses my own feelings for my children who have ventured out into the open world. I know a little Arabic but I would love to read some of your work because poetry is best expressed in the language you are most comfortable with. I'm not sure if you can but maybe you could try posting them to us. A translated version would make it easier for us to read.

    • lulu

      thank u very very much Huzaidi 4 these words u really made me cry alittle bit coz it's really true things u r talking about.. but i dont think if i send u the arabic poems coz if u translat them it wont be so nice coz am writing my poems in 1 rythem that's y but i'll try u know when i write my poems it comes naturally like as if am talking 2 some 1 so i write about everything even i wrote about my day out with me bff :P i mean " best friend forever" lool

      • Huzaidi Hashim

        You certainly are a sensitive person. I would love to read your Arabic Poems (I can read Arabic Script) and don't worry about the rhyming in english because we know it's a translation

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      • Love4all

        so cute!!!!! ;)

        • lulu

          thanks :D

        • Cheeky Missy

          For your FIRST poem I think it is very good! Short and sweet and so expressive, covering to much in a few lines. The end-rhyming is very nice. I enjoyed it. Of course, I am comparing it with my first poems, which are so simplistic, that the world has never seen them yet...I think this one of yours is very promising.

          • lulu

            Thanks dear Cheeky Missy i really love ur comments and how u r supporting me with these words and making me feel happy :)

            • Cheeky Missy

              And I'm glad to have discovered you and your poetry!

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            • Paul Price

              Its a very nice short poem. yes I would like to read more of them ; )

              • lulu

                Thanks :) I would like to read one of yours too :D

                • Paul Price

                  I only have one poem. I find them very hard to write, but I love reading them ; )

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