Please Understand.

You've been on a power trip

Slow down a minute

And loosen your grip.

I need you too listen to what I am saying

When the gray sky forms

And all your emotions come in swarms.

Please understand

That I will always be here for you,

No matter what you say or do,

I will always have your back

Until your nightmare is through.

So when you're down

And there is nobody around

Please understand

That I am only seconds away,

I'll be your friend

Your allied partner in combat,

Your strength in a ten mile race,

Just please understand…

No matter what you go through,

I'll always be there for you.



  • Kri2arch

    Thats nice, u have such a great talent...keep it up my dear

  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    Yeesssss... unleash the power that a writer posses,... WORDS...
    and make out of them the tools that will shape all these beautiful work of arts and provoke even bigger emotions on the readers than the ones created them...
    it's very good!

  • lulu

    niiiiiiiiiiice i really loved this 1 especially when u think about these words & what it means deeply :P

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