Some peopl....


Some people talk and talk

And never say a thing

Some people look at you

And birds begin to sing


Some people laugh and laugh

And yet you want to cry

Some people touch your hand

And music fills the sky


Some people smile and smile

And you still wear a frown

Some people kiss your cheek

And you feel to be wearing a crown.


Some people pull a seat

And yet you keep your stand

Some people walk with you

And melody fills the land



  • Jorge G Sifuentes

    Poetry abounds all around you... I'm sure all you have to do is... reach out grab it and write it... just like what you did today... beautiful....

  • Kri2arch


  • lulu

    ooooooooooooooooooooh it's so niice u made alittle bit cry coz when i think about people & read thhis poem i dont know i feel so sad thanks alot cheers

  • greywolve

    wonderful......i luv this

  • kelseyroy

    soo good . i wouldnt be able write anything as good as this

    • Kri2arch

      Thanx, but u cam write better than this. . . *nice hair*

      • kelseyroy

        i dont think sooo ,
        and thanks

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      • nikhilps

        nice...... i like it........ naturalistic... keep on writting like this........

      • Love4all

        raw! :)

      • barbara


      • Paul Price

        that is fantastic.. love it . thanx

      • BabiiGurl13

        This is an amazing poem! Your really good an should write some more :D

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