Finally Gone.

She lied to me, told me shed never choose them over me.

Now im gone, and finally she sees.

She needed me more, than the drugs, the men..

Its to late now, my life has come to an end.

Im dying now,

Feel no pain.

So much hurt, regret, hate, i had towards her for years..

I was just a child, all she did was laugh at my tears.

I cut, i cried.

I hurt, while you lied.

Snorted pills, needed that high.

Im just like you, now i wanna die.

Life has no meaning anymore.

You were my role modle, i looked up to you.

Watched as you light up that pipe, i seen happyness fill your eyes when that hit entered your lungs.

I envied how much you loved that pipe, those men.

But in the end,

they didnt mean a damn thing.

I was what you needed, you didnt realize it.


This is for you.

Someday you'll see, you needed me.

That days come, and now im gone.

You dont know what to do,

someday you'll grab that gun.

Like i did, we are so much alike.

If only you wouldnt of picked up that pipe,

we woulda been fine.

I love you momma, till the end.

End has come,

And now im died.




  • nair36

    I can relate to what your saying, My mom never did drugs around me but i feel that life has no meaning to it at times. Instead of my mom it was my dad laughing at my tears. Great poem. I'd give it an 11 if i could make the ratings higher. Great poem. One that people can definately relate 2.

    • ChyChyBaby

      Thank you,
      Im sorry Dear,
      Everyone has hard times in there life, ive had alot.
      But i learn from then, and im sure you do aswell.
      If you ever need to talk you can message me.
      Im more than sure we have alot in common lol

    • a soldiers wife13

      this poem is realy good...kinda remineds me of my father who kicked me out and basicly laughed at me in court... hertful time that was but now i just point and laugh at him at all the events he's gonna miss in my life...

    • BabiiGurl13

      This is sad :( I can't really relate to this.. but i have a lotta friends who can.. and this is a really good poem!!! Keep up the good work hun i love all your poems.. (: hope you like mine too

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