Cheeky Missy

I've Lost You?

I tell myself, "it isn't true"...

...I really haven't quite lost you.

But as the days and weeks go by, 

It's getting harder ev'ry time

To put the truth off anymore.....

    Yet to admit it is a horror...    

Oh please deny it...say tain't true...

    I really haven't quite lost you? 


.....It's funny how it goes this way: 

When friends grow up you cannot say

But they will prob'ly cease to write, 

And all because they "'haven't time."

    Is it because they've more to do    

Than e'er they had when they knew you? 

    While this could mayhap be the case,   

 Still other reasons yet remain....

They tired of you and found new friends

Which better meet their ways and ends?

 But just suppose 'twas always true....

That nought in common had you two.

    'Twas just a childhood fancy light 

   That they did ever want to write.....

    And putting childish things aside 

   They better use have found for time? 

But just suppose it is YOUR fault....

You haven't written as you aught?

 No matter where you place the blame,

 The problem still exists the same....

    And that to make them write?

     Perhaps not as in former times;     

For now they'll send you terser lines, 

    Just as they did when little tykes.

And this is 'cuz they're out of school, 

Where writing papers was the rule.

But you'll be thankful for their lines, 

That just for you they took the time.....

'Cuz hey! they haven't ceased to write! 



  • nikhilps

    nice poem! but i wanna say something u.... what i felt after reading ur two poems... u r writting only abt one emotion or feeling.... just make a change in ur thinking... the way u express, i mean the way u write is different and thats too good. so try to think differently... i mean to make a change in the poems u write.... im not a great poet to advise or say something like this.. but as a friend i just said what i felt... dont feel bad pls..... and its a nice poem.... really it is a nice poem.... keep on writting......

    • Cheeky Missy

      Well thank you very much for your advice.....I am presently just posting mostly old pieces, I only have a few recent ones, and the unfortunate thing about my recent poems is that they lack the sweetness of my older pieces and instead have a bitterness or something funny you say this, I don't quite make sense of your suggestion, but it is interesting to me since I am desiring to return to the sweetness my older pieces had instead of the jaded tone my newer writing has. Anyway, I appreciate your outlook and will consider it.

    • dbremner

      Good poem as well. I had a penpal some years ago that I often think about. This piece just reminded me again. I sometimes wonder if e-mail has taken away the great feeling in recieving a hand written letter through the snail mail.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Ya, snail mail is so slow.....send a missive and wait a few days or weeks for a response, but it is still more tangible than all the glib things we readily type....ah for the real world, I begin to prefer its reality in the light of the falseness of this virtual one. But then again, I love to see a response daily in my inbox from some friend or other, so.....what shall I say?
        Thanks for your comment!

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