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The wall of dbremner3

  • StormyDay

    I love your writing style and hope to read all your works. (It'll take me awhile, but I think shall be well worth it.)

      • dbremner

        Thank you very much. I hope you like some of them.

        • StormyDay

          I'm sure I'll enjoy many of them very much.

        • Cheeky Missy

          I love your poetry...you write well.
          In a world of wannabe's you I think are a poet....wish I could be too, but I am only good at rhyming. Yours has everything, rhyme and that essential symbolism, or whatever it is that takes the piece from a simple rhyme to actual poetry....yours has it.

            • dbremner

              Thank you, your words are kind. I read through some of your work today and I think you are a bit unfair on yourself. Your pieces are good, I rated one 9 but only because there was no 9 1/2. Thanks anyway for your views you've lifted my day a bit.

              • Cheeky Missy

                You're welcome. I am serious....I really do admire your work.
                And I can't help thinking mine is mostly just light cute(?) rhyming fun instead of the deeper something that I thought "real" poetry had....I dunno.

              • Julian Yanover

                Welcome to Poems and Poetry!

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