Cheeky Missy

Trudging through the snow...

Trudging through the snow

On a chilly winter's day, 

Through the yard I go,

 Stumbling all the way!  

   Trying in vain to find 

   A level path to tread, 

    Everytime I think I'm fine....

    Plunging deep in snow instead! 


 O Wintertime! It's so fine...

But oh! It is so cold! 

All the water that comes down

Is slipp'ry ice or snow! 

   O it fine?   

Certainly 'tis cold!   

Beats the heat of summetime 

  I thought, but I don't know.....

I can hardly wait 'til Spring,

 Tho' I've two months yet to go, 

Ere my fingers do not freeze

When hanging out the clothes! 

   The dexterity I'll have, 

   And soft, UNfrozen clothes.... 

  When hanging with UNmittened hands

   And warmth instead of cold! 


Yet I should not thus complain,

 And there are some things I like:

...The thickly falling flakes,

 And stillness, and bright white, 

   The crunching underfoot, 

   And dangling icicles,  

  The frosted world surrounding, 

   Sparkling diamonds in the snow!!! 




  • Lifewellspoken

    This is a very sweet poem/song, I love it.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Wow. Thanks for commenting! This is the first time you have ever commented on any of my stupid submissions....thanks very much! (The poem is true, you know.) And I've been singing it today.....

      • Lifewellspoken

        I have read all your passions and words and never has your writings been stupid.
        Beautiful, interesting, and caring is best to discribe you.

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