The Mirror Never Lies

The mirror never tells a lie,

The truth is always there,

You can see it right before your eyes,

It's the one you'll have to bear,

Your eyes are wide never have been spared,

Truth is what I see,

The mirror never tells a lie,

Shows what waits for me,

The mirror in your eyes.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting,....especially considering a couple things, the Bible would seem to agree saying it shows "what manner of man [we are]" and yet I've been told we are not the image we see in the mirror....and, I like my mirror image better than many of my photographs......Your last line seems to see a reflection of your own heart in theirs?

    • Hoween94

      so true.

    • dbremner

      I like this piece it is cleverly composed.

      • Hoween94

        Thank you.

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