Cheeky Missy

Vanity....a lament

Vanity.  Vanity.  Ev'rywhere I turn.....

In all that I love or hate at least upon the earth.

Vanity.  Vanity.  I cannot escape.

It haunts relentlessly from day to day! 

Week to week, month to month, 

Year to year as time speeds on:

 Ev'rything I do or think, 

Ev'rything bitter or sweet.

Vanity.  Vanity.  My earthly hopes and dreams.....

All I ever wanted, got, or was denied to me.

Vanity.  Vanity.   My earthly joys and pains, 

All I ever lost and all I gained! 

Born a baby, growing up, 

Being a teen and having fun; 

Romance, jobs, and growing old....

Our lives are as a tale told! 

Vanity.  Vanity.  All the people dear to me!

 Vanity.  Vanity.  All my memories! 

Vanity.  Vanity.  Ev'rything for earth I do! 

Oh VANITY.....for this earth true! 

17April 10


  • dbremner

    It definately deserves to be published in my view.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Well, thank you very much for saying so and for rating it so high. For my part, I am indecisive.

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