Cheeky Missy

Two Little Flames....A Fire!

In your bright eyes, my sweet darling,

My reflection now I see

Of the dangerous flick'ring flame

That possesses you and me....

Leaping suddenly in that glance

Which passion dared to reveal,

The sparks hae kindled a fire now

That I see you also feel:

See it dancing, gaily playing,

Breathtaking, yet vaporous....

I can't seem to grasp or touch it--

Irresistible sweet love....

Welcome, warm and mesmerizing,

Casting shadows, snapping bright,

Imperceptibly alluring,

Closer draws into its light....

Soft, encircling, wafts surrounding,

Who would dare to say it Nay?

These twin flames a fire kindling

One mere look our lives have changed.



  • dbremner

    A beautiful love poem. Well done! Very well done!

    • Cheeky Missy

      Aw, sweet, thank you very how can I top it? Hopefully if I succeed at a second, I can do as well as this first.

    • ironmaiden_81186

      a great love poem.....

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