What You Mean To ME

You are the sun in the sky,

You are the light shining by,

You are the breeze in my hair,

You're the life i want to share.


You are what makes my days go by,

You are the one I'll tell no lies,

You are the one who makes me smile,

I'll stand by you a long while.


Your smiles light up my day,

They make the darkness go away,

You're the reason i am alive.


You are a very special person,

You are apart of this special world,

I know i can't hold you right now,

But thinking of you makes me smile.


You'll be in my arms soon,

When you miss me look at the moon,

Because when i miss you you I'll do the same.

And we wont feel any pain.


We know we will be together again,

To laugh, smile and be one again,

I want you not to fear, I'll wipe away every tear.


Just remember deep in your heart,

I'm not the reason we had to apart,

And that I love you more than life,

I am gald to be you wife.


  • dbremner

    Very well written indeed. A nice poem.

  • Cheeky Missy

    It is a very sweet romantic tender love poem. Your similes are delightful and the sentiment very sweet. I like it very well.

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