back to times of splendor..

I am going down the lane of mystic memories;
to the time of our conscious joy,
to the time when the desires were mere illusions,
and the illusions stood desirable,
to the time when winters felt cold, and the summers hot.
to the time of honest laughs, and
dishonest cries.
to the time when failures,
were a lower denomination of success.
I want to go back in time,
back to the times of splendor.


  • Cheeky Missy

    Yeah, you, sometimes me, and how many others?! Those carefree days were sweet....and back then we didn't really know. All the things you expressed described those years nicely. I like this poem very well!

  • dbremner

    I like this poem a great deal. It is well written.

  • ironmaiden_81186

    thanks a lot both you guys....

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