It is True?

Deep in my eyes

I see you look

And I smile for I know

That you can feel my love


For your eyes shine

In an instant

As we pass, through our gaze

Our feelings for each other


So come sweet love

Lie here with me

Let me in some way try

To reassure your fair heart


That you are not

Alone again

For you are here with me

And that cannot be changed


For love shall be

Ever constant

A force of such power

That no-one can break it down


For in the grasp

Of both our hands

Are gentle, kind, sweet times

Where we will hold each other


Ever more close

Ever more dear

Ever more everything

Tell me now lover, it's true?


  • Cheeky Missy

    It is such a sweet romantic poem! The last stanza begs an answer that only the recipient can give, and the way you've painted it, I hope would indicate she would delightedly assent. I do love how you've drawn the whole scene so reassuringly, so tenderly, so very sweetly...it is very romantic. Passion seems to flirt around the edges of it and through its midst so like a twisting misty warmth that cannot be but seen and possesses. I like it very well!!! Another excellent love poem....you write such sweet ones!

    • dbremner

      Thank you so very much, you are ever kind.

    • ironmaiden_81186

      really touchy man....brilliant work

      • dbremner

        Thank you also.

      • Dolphine29

        May I ask ... Is it true? Have you ever felt that way or do want to feel that way?
        I just feel that love could be like this, but it seems like longing, to me anyway.
        Conforting piece.

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