Through the Looking Glass

Morbid thoughts and terrifying speculations

Filled the mind till the far horizons.

The mundane world whispered to me

That life, lying embedded in dark silhouette.

Painful thoughts of leaving home

Fear of the far-off place, so unknown

Some eerie enigma

Hovered over the kingdom of my mind.

Pensive mood thrust with piercing melancholy

Light wings of hope, of ambition

Helped me fly to the extreme pinnacle

And shimmering lights brought excitement.

Sober reflections of the bygone days

Deep quite contemplations of life’s alleyways

I left behind sweet home, all joy and mirth

For the soaring heights and that glory.

Yards and yards did I leave behind

With a strong will but stressful mind….

Destination’s still yards afar…

But I would return soon, sure

With success, achievement and fulfilled desires

Through the same door

That I left ajar.


  • dbremner

    Very well written indeed.

  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow! I LOVE this piece! You have written beautifully!!! You well captured all the sensations, presenting them very poetically with is EXCELLENT! May you continue to write such perfect pieces! Also, again, your image with it is very fitting!

  • Zojinjo

    Beautiful, I can't say anything else. It's just so amaizng.

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