Our Morning Song

In the soft light

Of a new day

We lie at last as one

In the company of love


For each other

And for this time

The special hour of dawn

Between wakefulness and sleep


The light streams in

Through the window

It sets for me the scene

Of a new day for loving


Each other darling

A day for us

To know each other more

And explore each others hearts


The shadows play

Upon the wall

Cast by those trees outside

And I smile at their dancing


That's so like both

Our dancing hearts

Which to some unheard song

Keep silent, single rythym


I see your hair

A river now

Flow upon the pillow

And I love with it to play


For how it feels

So soft to me

Like finest Eastern silk

A flowing, silky river


I kiss your eyes

You're still asleep

And your sweet lips murmur

How I'd love to wake you up


And quickly say

I love you dear

But now I let you sleep

And prolong this special time


I stroke your neck

So pale and fair

Again I see you stir

So I wrap my arms around


You my lover

My only one

I draw your body near

And mould it unto my own


So all morning

We'll lie like this

What better can we do

For we've fallen both in love


With each other

With this time

This breaking hour of day

And to this, our morning song.



  • jvl narasimha rao

    It is a great romantic poem brother.It is as beautiful as dawn
    yours lovingly.I have rated this with a 10
    yours lovingly,

    • dbremner

      Many thanks indeed, much appreciated.

    • Cheeky Missy

      La, but this is an EXCELLENTly sweet passionate love poem! If it is but a dream now, I hope for all its ecstasy, it enters reality. I wish I could give you more than a little "10" for it...it is EXCELLENT!!! Your similes are great and the scene drawn so well. Your daydreamer is lucky if she gets to taste this for real. The symbolism of a dawning morning is so perfect for the love.....I'd better stop before I exceed the 500-word limit hahaha!

      • dbremner

        Thank you MY daydreamer I'm glad you like it!

        • Cheeky Missy

          I LOVE what you did with my daydream....you made it so much more than I ever dreamed...I love your perspective on it....YOU made an EXCELLENT poem of it!!! Congratulations is too low for it....you did superbly.

        • ironmaiden_81186

          i seriously don't know what to say...its beautiful to say the least..

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